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    Removing Tank Pressure Gauge on Taprite Regulator

    After owning a brand new Taprite dual gauge regulator for a few months the tank pressure gauge is now totally destroyed from having the tank fall over too many times. I am now considering removing the tank pressure gauge entirely until I can demonstrate competency in tank regulator ownership...
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    FS. Taprite Dual Body 2 pressure CO2 regulator

    $65 shipped. Lightly used, in perfect shape. Sold kegerator. Threaded Pin lock gas connections included.
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    Florida Taprite Primary Wye Regulator ($70 + shipping OBO)

    Purchased directly from Keg Connection in January 2018 for $73 + shipping. This regulator is essentially brand new. It's been used for a month in my kegerator, zero leaks and performs flawlessly. Comes with MFL fittings and 5/16" barbs. I'll even throw in the ~2' worth of gas tubing I have...