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  1. SmokeyRydr

    Tap Displays: Raspberry Pints, TapList.io, etc.

    What's your favorite digital tap list? What have you tried and didn't like? I've got an extra monitor w/ Raspberry Pi and want to setup a tap display on my kegerator. I tried Taplist.io and it works fine (example below), but the layout options are very basic and lacks any integration with my...
  2. W

    Taplist.io + Kegtron

    Kegtron Wireless Keg Monitors will be for sale on the open market by the first week of December, http://kegtron.com It's time to integrate Kegtron with the beautiful Taplist.io digital beer menu, http://taplist.io Taplist.io is currently supported on the Raspberry Pi 3. A Raspberry Pi 3 has...