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  1. EricS

    For Sale 8 Tap Keezer For Sale - Wisconsin

    I am selling my 8 Tap Keezer. It needs some TLC to bring it back to its former glory, I don't have the time or desire anymore as I have downsized to a 3 tap system. I built this awhile back when I found a local bar selling the professional grade 8-tap tower. It has been sitting unused for some...
  2. teesherv

    Withdrawn 4 tap Keezer $600 / kegerator

    4 Tap Keezer - $600 Fully assembled, ready to go. I am not willing to break up; I need the space and don’t use this anymore. One quick sale is my goal. Magic Chef Freezer, built Sept 2018. 7.0 cu feet, model HMCF7W3 7.5 inch wooden collar, caulked to top, some cracking USB fan Inkbird Temp...
  3. B

    Kompensatorzapfhahn/compensator tap

    Does any one use a Kompensatorzapfhahn/compensator tap? It seems to be strictly a German thing. English would be beer engine. I want to know if it as simple as installing into any metal keg like any other bulkhead. I assume you don’t any kind of purge or vent because that that’s the job of the...
  4. A

    Perlick Taps and Sankey Couplers

    (3) Perlick taps all chrome plated. $50 shipped for all three. (2) sankey couplers $30 shipped for both. This is stuff I had lying around that I never used. I would suggest replacing soft goods. Visually they all seem fine and operate. One of the perlicks is a little tight.
  5. L

    anyone remember Tap-a-Draft?

    Forgot I had this, found it while cleaning out the house in preparation to move. This was my transition to kegging when I was living in a small apartment, I was tired of bottling but had no room for a keggerator. Pretty sure they don't make these anymore, but did find some info about the...
  6. J

    I'm not sure what to do with this "beer tap" thing

    My neighbor had this thing that he no longer wanted and claimed it was "all there". It was in a small suitcase and very heavy so of course I took it. I don't home brew and in fact only drink the occasional beer, but thought it might be something one of my sons might enjoy. Anyway, I think it...
  7. S

    Wort spillage through open tap

    Hi all, I've recently made by second batch of home brew using a basic starter kit. Following a recipe kit I started the wort on the stovetop by boiling a Brewblend, Wheat Malt Powder and 2.5L of water. After steeping the hops for 20 minutes, I emptied this into the fermenter and annoyingly...
  8. N

    Badge mount?

    Looking for a badge mount for my cold brew and nitro cold brew I am building. Do you know where I can find this? I already have the badges. 159BE031-6E4D-496B-B30D-1F9B82E846C3 by NitroBarista posted Sep 19, 2019 at 11:43 PM922ED979-8DA8-4623-81EB-C11187410945 by NitroBarista posted Sep 19...
  9. D

    Kansas Keezer/Kegerator Materials

    All of these parts are like new. I downgraded my keg system and no longer have a need for them. With this you can turn a deep freeze or refrigerator into a Keggerator. Perfect for somebody who homebrews and wants to take the next step to kegging. I am willing to answer any questions. Bought new...
  10. B

    Draft Tower

    Two Faucet draft tower. Comes with two Perlick faucets. Great shape. $100 plus shipping from Palm Harbor FL. Local pick up too.
  11. olie

    Stainless Quick Disconnects for tap hoses.

    I'm looking to add stainless quick disconnects to my taps, and also on the beer & CO2 lines. All I've been able to find are the plastic "corny" style disconnects. Anyone got a line on something they recommend? Thanks! ~Ted
  12. DrumForHire

    Sealing DIY Tap Tower

    A couple years ago, I bought a used kegerator off of Craigslist. It's a nice Kenmore fridge, but the counter top was warped and cracked, and the tower was a simple one-tap with a sanke connection. So, I cut a piece of thick MDF board to replace the top and built a tap tower using the plan...
  13. A

    Michigan 8 Tap Tower with Gycol Line- $400 or best offer

    I have an 8 tap tower that I am looking to sell. I used it for one of my builds and now looking to move on from this project. It is in good shape and I had no issues with it. Its just very hard to drink 8 beers on tap :) Pictures are below and I am willing to ship to most places. Shipping to...
  14. Ckalnasy

    Chris' Home Bar Build

    Hey guys, new to the forum and I figure I would share my bar build for the new house my wife and I bought end of last year. The basement had a pretty large rec room (close to 30x30) with a bar already in it. Plan was to update the bar, flooring, and new paint. We still have yet to paint the...
  15. reddskinnfan

    Maryland QTY x 6 - Perlick 630SS - BRAND NEW!

    I have 6 x Perlick 630SS faucets, brand new! I am willing to sell them for $35/each, or all 6 for $200. First come, first served.
  16. tateconcepts

    Compact tap and CO2 regulator for PicoBrew Serving Keg?

    Hi all, So I've been desiring to test out one of these PicoBrew models and recently took the plunge for $300. It's an interesting little wort maker and I do like the FreeStyle crafting options available. In any case, I wasn't getting the Pro model this low and I already had limited space...
  17. OrionPax

    How would you keep your keezer faucets cold?

    I'm in the R&D planning phase of building a collar and converting a freezer for my brews. While researching I noticed on a couple of occasions where the brewers mentioned the faucets were warm enough that they were getting excess amounts of foam. One youtube video even mentioned the use of...