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  1. T

    CO2 Tank

    Hi, I am in the process of making/building a keezer and I noticed that I would have some space in front of the refrigeration panel and that triggered the wildest thought. Install the CO2 tank horizontally! However I do not know the internal guts of a CO2 tank. Would it be an issue to use it...
  2. H

    Have you ever: Water tank fermenter

    I've got a bit of an odd shaped fermentation chamber (chest style, big hump in the middle) and the only 10G rig i've found that will fit in it is this guy...
  3. N

    How low of a PSI do you need?

    Just started getting into kegging. My regulator has a range of "Order gas" at or below 500 psi. Assuming a 5 lb co2 tank and brewing a moderately carbonated ale. How low of PSI do you need be able to complete carbonation? Would there be any left to serve with?
  4. L

    Massachusetts FS: SS Brewtech Brite Tank 10 Gallon, like new - will ship

    I have a 10 gallon SS Brewtech Brite Tank for sale. Only 3 months old and hardly used. It's an awesome vessel that's worked perfectly. Doesn't have any issues, just need a bigger one so I'm selling this. Has a few very small surface scratches (see pics) but you have to look close to see them...
  5. H

    800 Gallon Stainless Steel Tanks with Manway

    800 Gallon stainless steel dairy tanks with manway for cleanout. There are 2 available. Both were decommissioned due to refrigeration fault only. 1 Surge 800 gallon tank 1 Delaval 800 gallon tank Both are located in southeastern PA $1000.00 apiece.
  6. K

    Complicated problem for pasteurization

    So I'm finishing my set up and I am installing 2 rectangular stainless steel tanks (filled with water) attached with coils to preheat and then pasteurize my semi-sweet cider bottles. The first tank will be at around 45 degrees Celsius and the second one at around 75C. Calculating the PUs onces...
  7. devils4ever

    CO2 Tank Stand Plans or Source

    Hi all, I used to have my CO2 tank inside my keezer, but now I moved it outside. So, I'm a little worried that someone will topple it over when accessing my Perlick beer faucets. I have 5, 10 and 15 lb tanks. Does anyone have plans for building a stand to keep the CO2 tanks upright? Or, can...
  8. W

    Looking for stainless steel fermenting tanks

    Hi all! Does anyone have any experience sourcing used, good quality, large capacity fermenting tanks? My small orchard (~400 trees) is coming into bearing age, and it's time for me to start thinking about moving away from 5 gallon plastic carboys and put on my big boy pants. I'm specifically...
  9. D

    Home Brew equipment for sale Misc

    2-#20 Aluminum Co2 $70 each 1-#10 $40 1-Dual tap Stainless Steel (new) $80 1-Single tap Chrome (New) $50 1-Micromatic triple gauge secondary 0-60 psi (new) $100 1-Brewers Best home brew kit with many extras (new) $180 includes $300 plus in equipment.
  10. MizzouBrewer

    Where to find cheap co2 tanks

    I've been contemplating building my own kegerator out of a mini fridge and a door mounted faucet and shank (to hold one corny). Everything about the project is pretty cheap except for the CO2 tank. Anyone know where a poor college kid could find a cheap tank to get him through grad school...
  11. T

    Cheap Co2 Tanks? Chattanooga Area

    I still need a 5# Co2 tank for my Keezer setup and it seems like ordering a nice, shiny new aluminum tank is a waste since when I go to get it "filled" it is likely they'll just swap the tank out for a crusty used on that has been pre-filled. So it will probably be cheaper just to buy that...
  12. P

    Tank Builder from Portland, Oregon

    Greetings! I was referred to this site by a client. I worked for 5 years as a senior fabricator / tank-builder at JV Northwest. I was recently layed off and decided to start my own welding and fabrication business. Hoping to become a vendor to sell stainless steel tanks, tank...