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  1. B

    Apples or Applejuice?

    Newbie when it comes to brewing but I have my first couple batches nearly through a month of fermentation. I’m beginning to think about what I want to do with each one after they’re done. I’m thinking I want to sweeten one with either apple slices or apple juice or something similar, but I don’t...
  2. Jonas Nielsen

    Backsweetening/flavoring blackberry wine (Beginner questions)

    Hello! I've been doing my first brew with a batch of blackberries, from what I can see the more experienced users here tends to only use the berries and don't add water. My ratio was closer to 1kg/1kg/3.4L for berry/sugar/water. So somewhat thin, but it was what most recipes i found at the time...
  3. WildernessBrewing

    Montmorency Cherry Cider

    Just finished fermenting two 5 gallon batches of cider (store bought AJ only), one with S-04 and the other with Nottingham. I picked up a bottle of Tart Montmorency Cherry Juice Concentrate and I'm trying to decide on how much to add. I saw a post on here a few years back where someone cloned B...
  4. B

    Adding Kandi syrup to fermentor

    Hey guys, so i see there have been some conversations about this topic. I am basically looking for the best time to add syrup to an batch. I am kegging, and I want to make sure the sweetness aspect gets into the beer. IVe seen people say to add it at various times during the boil. Ive done this...
  5. B

    Cider filtering and force carbonation

    Hi Me Waffeling I have just finished drinking my cider mark III made using home grown apples and Graffs great recipe. Anyway of course the cider has always improved through the stages and this time I want to create a really grade cider where I don't have to have a few drinks first for...
  6. H

    Question about amounts of of sorbate

    Hi Forum, I'm a newcomer to this forum and I have some experience brewing (10 batches of LME, various types of ale.) I've moved on to cider, as I have a friend who has a boutique winery and grows organic apples. We took some of his Grade B apples and pressed them into 300 liters of juice...