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  1. 6thGoal

    I Heart IPA (Two Hearted Clone) from More Beer

    While I should have paid closer attention and bought the extract kit from Bell's I failed and went with the local More Beer shop, I Heart IPA. It wasn't until I was brewing that I realized Bell's sold their own kit and took notice the ingredients were quite different. Brew day went fine, but I...
  2. B


    Hello, I recently brewed a wit and am concerned that it has not fermented properly. A number of factors, or a combination of factors, may be the culprit. However, there is considrable debate that the batch may actually be ok. please help shed some light on the situation! the jury is still...
  3. Byrdbrewer

    sweet beer

    Hello all, cheers !! I have a question concerning extract brewing – I currently brew Midwest kits that include a grain steep. My finished beers still tend to have a sweet taste on the front end and a kind of thick mouth feel. They are fully carbonated but seem to lack a crispness and a...