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  1. S

    Favorite Online Home Brewing Supplier

    While I would much prefer to buy supplies regularly from a local business, my closest LHBS is a bit of a drive. I’ve made an online purchase from MoreBeer and was pleased with their quality and prices/delivery speed. What are your preferred online retailers? I’ve found a handful (Adventures in...
  2. GParkins

    Another LHBS casualty...Who is the best online?

    So it looks like Brock's Home Brew in Melbourne, FL has gone Tango Uniform. That leaves exactly one LHBS (that I know of) on the East coast of Florida from Key West to at least as far as Melbourne (Craft Beer Cartel in Fort Lauderdale), and the guy that I spoke to today said he's not sure if...
  3. O

    5 gallon glass Mason jar cleaning after used for pocket change feasible?

    Hey is it worth cleaning and installing an airlock to a 5 gallon glass container for homebrewing after it's been half full of pennies? Is it possible to remove residue entirely using bleach, vinegar, soap, and elbow grease? Keep in mind the pennies were thrown in, potentially scratching the...
  4. Pièce_de_Résistance

    University of Washington: Research on Hop Exports to Chinese Home/Micro Brewers

    Home and Micro Brewers of China: I am an avid home brewer and member of a graduate student team doing a research project on hop exports specifically to the Chinese home/micro brew market. We are looking for opportunities to help this segment of brewers across China. Would you be so kind as to...