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  1. BrewersJourney

    Homebrewing a Summer “Leftover” Ale II

    Link: Homebrewing a Summer “Leftover” Ale II About once a year I take stock of all of the left over ingredients I have from the beers that I’ve been making and try to put together a nice simple summer ale. This beer is always different and forces me to try and be creative and to try...
  2. O

    What Should I Brew?!

    I have 3 pounds of pale DME and 1 pound of wheat DME on hand. Is there a crushable summer beer I can make with just this as the base? I dont have any hops, yeast, or special grains so those can be anything. Just trying to use up some extra ingredients. Cheers!
  3. S

    Summer Beer Styles, Variations, and Recipes

    Summer, the season of backyard barbecues and beer. Many people have their “go-to” summer beer, but with the rich history of summer beers and the plethora of options to choose from today, it can be a great time to try something new. It’s only fair to start off an article on summer beers with...