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  1. Velnerj

    Sulfur after bottling...what can be done?

    Hi Y'all, Like an impatient idiot I went ahead a bottled a Belgian golden strong despite the fact that there was a distinct sulfur smell coming from the fermenter. To my defense it was much less than during peak fermentation. After bottle conditioning the bottles reek like rotten eggs when...
  2. W

    Saflager 34/70 Lingering Sulfur Issue

    After reading the Brülosophy experiment comparing S05 to 34/70, I decided to give 34/70 a shot. Recipe is an easy drinking smash beer of about 20 ibus, 5.5% abv, lightly hopped with mosaic. Fermented in the basement at room temp (about 65F ambient). I never rehydrate the yeast and it’s never...
  3. A

    Sulfur Smell in Sour Raspberry Cranberry Berliner Weisse

    I'm brewing my first sour Berliner Weisse and it has a strong sulfur smell. Is this an infection or will it clear? A little background. I brewed an all grain with 50% wheat, 50% pilsner. Kettle soured for 2 days with Lacto Delbrueckii, boiled for 15 min, cooled and pitched US-05. Initial...
  4. ebbelwoi

    copper supplements for H2S

    I've read about copper pipes and copper pennies being used to remove H2S. I'm wondering if anyone has tried copper supplements? These come in 2mg tablets. Since it's 2mg for a daily dose, I'm guessing a single 2mg tablet or less per gallon wouldn't have much effect on the body, though it might...