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  1. michio

    Watermelon Mead

    I made a 3 gallon watermelon mead a few weeks ago from fresh watermelon juice. cut out the inner watermelon and blended it. Strained it with a mesh strainer 3 times each in a bowl to get out the watermelon bits. The taped stopper was because the damn thing got pushed into far after I left so...
  2. E

    Secondary Pressure Gauge

    So I have the choice of two 4 way secondary gauges. The first is the Taprite CGR284-PT 4 way. In the past couple weeks, I've had 2 Taprite gauges screwed up. The first didn't read the pressure accurately and the dial didn't rise past 40 PSI. The second is the first version of the above 4 way...
  3. B

    Stout Feedback

    I am about to take my new eBIAB setup for a spin this weekend. I am planning on a stout that will serve as a starter for an RIS. I love really chewy stouts, not thin and highly carbonated stouts. Although I'm not shooting for some super high ABV beer, I want a similar appearance and mouthfeel of...
  4. B

    1 Gallon - Clean Out the Freezer Beer - Dark and Roasty - Hop Suggestion

    Hello, I will be moving soon and want to use up what I have but not just throw it out. I am working on creating a 1 gallon recipe to use up the remaining grain I have on hand. This is my second ever recipe from the ground up, so I welcome feedback and suggestions. I realize this beer may not be...
  5. D

    Belgians, saisons, and other high temp ferm recipe suggestions

    Hey everyone, So call me crazy but I don't currently have the time or capital to outfit an old mini fridge into a ferm chamber (I'd need to extend the fridge and get a temp control unit, not rocket science but a small investment none the less for later). In the meantime id like to brew something...
  6. L

    Recently employed, looking for celebration recipe.

    Man, it's been a while since I've posted anything about beer. It's good to be back. Anyway, I was unemployed for five months (not long by some measures, but long enough) and just started work at a new company. SWMBO and I want to brew something in celebration of my employment, but I'm having...