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  1. Mattyg91

    How much sugar to yeast to aclohol!

    Okay, so, I am making a hard root beer. I am going to use a regular root beer recipe and pitch my yeast like I would normally do with any other beer. Then I will allow it to ferment, and I will back sweeten with the appropriate amount of sugar for priming and xylitol for sweetness. My question...
  2. I

    Do I stir after I add priming sugar?

    Hi, I want to syphon my beer from my bucket to another bucket and then add sugar to the 2nd bucket (before bottling). Do I need to stir the sugar in my 2nd bucket? And if so how vigorously? Thanks
  3. B

    Brewdog IPA Way too high mashing temp

    Hi all, Two days ago, I tried to brew my first batch of Brewdog IPA with kveik. I was having a bit of a brain freeze when I was mashing and the temp hit around 85C/176F- I then continued and finished the whole brewing process with Kveik. After around 1.5 day, the bubbling of my airlock stopped...
  4. Stonks

    Hi everyone, I am looking to brew a skeeter pee without a slurry

    I will follow the recipe on this website exactly, with the exception of the Yeast Slurry. I would like to use Lalvin EC-1118 yeast packets instead. I was looking at alternative solutions and searched elsewhere on the message boards, but couldn't really find a definitive answer. I'm not...
  5. J

    Beginner brewer questions.

    Ok so I’m new to home brewing. I’ve so far done 2 brews with the kits you buy online and it makes about 5 gallons or about 50 bottles. Both times they tasted great I was very pleased with the results... at first. After the 2 week carbonation process in bottles I put them all in the fridge I...
  6. S

    Estimated ABV for sugar measurement?

    Hello guys. I don't have hydrometer yet so i have no initial OG reading. I've ordered one but obviously for this brew i won't get initial reading. I'm not looking for specific number but ball park, what would be estimated alcohol content of Best choice apple juice with added 1 1/4 lbs of white...
  7. S

    Undissolved Sugar Solids at the bottom of the hard cider? Airlocks question? Newbie. Pic attached.

    Good afternoon friends. I started my first ever batch of hard apple cider. I have added 1 1/4 cup of white sugar per gallon of cider. I DID NOT DISSOLVE THE sugar in water first. It's settled at the bottom. Will the yeast still find it and eat it and dissolve on it's own to create more alcohol...
  8. BryggAnton

    Calibration Ispindel problem

    Hi Folks! I bought a ispindel one week ago. The guy that sold me the ispindle had off-set calibrated it. I have just gone trough 90minutes of calibration by mixing water and sugar and messuring the tilt. Now when im done and have connected it to brewfather and the numbers are waaaay off! I have...
  9. I

    2nd Coopers homebrew gone wrong

    Hi, After my first successful homebrew of the Coopers Lager kit, I decided to do another batch. However even after 6 months in bottles my beer has just turned out very fizzy with no head whatsoever and a yeasty taste and has not got better over time at all. I am very confused as to why as I...
  10. jayjay

    Need quick advice adjuncts effect on priming sugar quantity

    Hi I am about to bottle my first milk stout in which i will be adding a tincture of roasted cacao nibs and vanilla beans to the bottling bucket right before bottling. However i am in doubt as to whether the sugar contents of the adjuncts would mess up the usual priming sugar quantity and...
  11. A

    I don't know what it is, but I'm not sure it's fair to call it cider

    So my boyfriend and I decided to take up cider brewing during quarantine. We followed a YouTube recipe. It was all going swimmingly. It was bubbling a lot but so what? We just tasted it yesterday ready for bottling and it tastes waaay too strong. Like, spirit strong. We added almost a kilo of...
  12. davielovesgravy

    Is adding priming sugar for a fizzy cider the same as for lager

    Howdy all i am just making my first cider kit and the instructions that come with it describe adding the priming sugar by batch priming, however I usually just prime each bottle when making lager, so would adding the same amount that I add when brewing lager, approx one teaspoon of brewing...
  13. gatewood

    Vinegar with just sugar

    Can mother of vinegar ferment sugar directly to acetic acid? If not, is it practical to mix yeast and mother to create a continuous process where sugar is turned into ethanol and then into acetic acid?
  14. Aróchito

    Cider's been brewing. Too late to add sugar?

    My cider's been in primary for almost 3 weeks. About to put it in secondary, but I'd like to make it a little stronger. I originially put in some sugar along with the yeast nutrient and yeast. Is it too late to boost the abv with some extra sugar? Thanks in advance.
  15. Dale Owen

    Priming sugar for multiple batch sizes

    I brewed a five gallon Belgian blond from extract. I'm experimenting with yeasts I harvested. I made a 3 gallon batch using the yeast that came with the kit and two 1 gallon batches using the yeasts I harvested. I'm getting ready to bottle. Regarding priming sugar, I have two dilemmas. First...
  16. T

    Forgot to add sugar before yeast!

    Hi there, I'm making a concord grape wine and I never took an initial reading of my ABV or SG or anything, I put the yeast in about 24hrs ago and just realized I never added sugar to adjust the potential ABV. Currently it's at 10 Brix and I'd like to get it to 21.5. Is it too late to add sugar...
  17. aBlankExpression

    Questions from a Novice Mead Maker

    Hi I've been making mead now for six months now and had some questions about the process. Residual Sugars I am looking to make a Hydromel, information online suggest there is success using s-04 yeast. People also recommend with that when using this yeast use a starting gravity of 1.040 but the...
  18. I

    Large batch question

    So I've been making small batches of Booch with no problem whatsoever but now that I am trying to make a large batch, there is no fizz. Absolutely none at all. No matter what I do. I've tried adding sugar to 2F and then doing 3F bottling. I've tried adding pulpy fruits. I have tried adding that...
  19. Lele

    Belgian tripel sugar quesiton

    Hello and greetings from Italy :) And sorry for my English :( Until recently we were told that table sugar gives cider flavor to the beer. But then in “Brew like a monk” there’s written that it isn’t true. But in some experiment, somebody noticed that, specially with some yeast (such us...
  20. snarf7

    Sugar source for bottling?

    So far I've made 3 brews (all ales) and I just followed the instructions on the kit I used for the 1st one on the other 2 (i.e. boil x amount of water, add y amount of sugar, stir till well combined, allow to cool then add beer). The next one due for bottling is a Witbier and it got me to...