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  1. J

    Calculating Extract from Specific Gravity

    I‘ve published an article in the Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists on the equations that relate Extract to Specific Gravity. Both a review of the equations historically used for this relation as well as the derivation of new, more accurate equations are given in the article...
  2. gatewood

    Catching wild yeast with just plain sugar

    I've been catching and growing cultures of yeast for some time now, using mashed/blended fruit and letting it sit outside. However, I've just recently asked myself if I could just forget about the whole fruit pulp business and just boil sugary water (with easy to ferment sugar like glucose or...
  3. A

    Starters and Simple Sugars

    I've not used sucrose in a starter because I've read in a number of places that it can have a negative impact on the yeasts ability to use the more complex sugars in wort. That's all well and good but has anybody here tried sucrose? Was there a negative impact? Atb. Aamcle