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  1. SmokeyRydr

    Cold crash suck-back volume estimate?

    is there any general guidance for the volume of gas being sucked back when cold crashing? E.g. if I have a 6.5g carboy and 5.5g of beer, and I cold crash from 68F to 35F, what volume of gas should I expect to suck-back? if this is pretty constant and predictable, I'd like to create a large...
  2. Rik van den berg

    No Suckback Blowoff System Dilemma

    I put together this blow off system that should prevent suck back and oxygen from entering the fermenter during cold crash. I can do two things: add sanitizer to the first jar, keep the 'in' hose connected to the short tube and the 'out' hose connected to the long tube. This way the CO2...
  3. Ø

    Water suckback

    I'm very new to brewing, and I'm making mangrove jack's blueberry cider, and when I started bottling, I had forgotten to take of the airlock/open the lid, so the water from the airlock got sucked in the fermenter, (i have a tap in the bottom of my fermening bucket) so I'm wondering if anyone...