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  1. Robski Brew

    This Sucks!!!!

    Had my US05 at 21*C on a Diacetyl Rest. Then dropped the temp to 14*C as part of my dry hopping schedule. The subsequent reduction of temp in the FV sucked a good pint of starsan up through the blow off tube!!!! Anyone have any tips for preventing this? Other than paying attention!!! Some kind...
  2. SmokeyRydr

    Cold crash suck-back volume estimate?

    is there any general guidance for the volume of gas being sucked back when cold crashing? E.g. if I have a 6.5g carboy and 5.5g of beer, and I cold crash from 68F to 35F, what volume of gas should I expect to suck-back? if this is pretty constant and predictable, I'd like to create a large...