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    Rice Hulls?

    I'm new to all grain so this might sound simplistic. From things I've read, when brewing a wheat beer rice hulls are recommended. Is this actually the case with BIAB? I thought the rice hulls were to prevent a "stuck mash." This doesn't happen in BIAB, right? My understanding of a stuck mash...
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    All grain pilsner failure

    I've tried twice now to make a 5g batch using 100% pilsner malt. Each time I get a stuck mash and scorched kettle. I noticed that there is this weird gel like fluid that i havent seen before. The first time I didn't stir well enough and had some dough balls and thought that was a cause for my...
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    Had my first stuck mash in the Robobrew

    So this is my third or fourth brew and I experienced my first stuck mash. Looking at the grain bill below, it seems pretty standard and is well below the max grain capacity of the Robobrew. I used about 4 gallons of water for the mash. I am fairly convinced the stuck mash was due to grain...