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  1. CWoodard

    Potassium Sorbate argument re-visited

    This is about stuck fermentation in a cider; yes there are other threads about dealing with preservatives like potassium sorbate (k-sorb). Problem: Very slow / stuck fermentation Brew: 5 gallons of Nature's Nectar Apple Cider (with potassium sorbate, but the raw cider "requires...
  2. J

    Stuck Fermentation... Help!

    So this is my 4th brew. The first two went swimmingly. The 3rd one I had an issue with the brew not reaching its FG and the same has happened on my 4th brew. The 3rd one I ended up throwing away so don't want to make the same mistake here.. I've done some research and I'm putting it down to...
  3. O

    Is a stuck fermentation safe to drink?

    Hi all! First or second post! My fermentation got stuck, and I tried to unstick it. It went from SG 1.050 to 1.030 after over a month. It started at whatever I needed to get to 12% alcohol, with nutrients. I was really excited to drink it! It's a guava juice brew (no preservatives). The thing...
  4. M

    Fixing a stuck fermentation 101

    Fixing a stuck fermentation 101: Ground rules: Don't rely on your airlock alone as an indicator for fermentation progress, especially if you use a bucket. Your hydrometer is your most reliable tool for this purpose. - Are you sure the fermentation is stuck? Take hydrometer samples every...
  5. M

    Fixing a stuck fermentation 101

    Fixing a stuck fermentation 101: Ground rules: Don't rely on your airlock alone as an indicator for fermentation progress, especially if you use a bucket. Your hydrometer is your most reliable tool for this purpose. - Are you sure the fermentation is stuck? Take hydrometer samples every...
  6. Peptobismol165

    First Time All-Grain BIAB - Fermentation stuck TWICE?!

    Hello, I've started doing two BIAB recipes using allgrain. In the past, I've done BIAB with extract and specialty grain, and have consistently exceeded my target ABV. These last two BIAB's I've decided to try all grain with no extract. My issue is both my last brews have been severely UNDER...
  7. V

    Brewer's Friend Lactose Calculation

    I have two brews right now one using WLP007 and one using RVA Hoptopper both with about a pound of lactose in them each. NEIPA Yeast: RVA Hoptopper (200 Billion Cell Count, 3 weeks from manufacture date), well oxygenated 4.5 Gallon (in fermenter) blended batch Half mashed at 149 F Half mashed...
  8. Smitty

    Final Gravity

    Wondering about being out 2 to 6 points on final gravity and having bottle bombs? 1.039 og everything seems to have come to a halt at 1.010. According to the instructions and from reading the forums 1.008-1.006 is what it "should" bottom out at. Any thoughts?
  9. B

    Stuck or just Slow?

    I have a 3 gallon batch of melomel going at the moment with 71b OB honey pomegranate juice and blue berry juice. Starting gravity was 1.120 and temp has been 65f using a thermowell and inkbird to keep it accurate. I have followed TOSNA 3 for the nutrient additions as well with Ferm O and Fermaid...
  10. TNJake

    AHS Shiner Bock clone - WLP 833 stalled ferm?

    I brewed this clone according to this recipe with an OG of 1.047. I cooled my wort to about 75 degrees when I aerated using shake/ swirl method. I did added a single pack of WLP833 and I regrettably did not use a starter. The recipe didn't say anything about it (I should have know better). 12...
  11. E

    Stuck mead fermentation

    Good morning everyone, I am new here and this is my first batch of homebrewing mead and my first post about it. First of all, telling that I am making 5 litres of mead, using 1.9 kg of honey and safale S-05 as yeast, so it achieves 12% aprox. It has been already one month since it started, so I...
  12. L

    Issue with stuck fermentation after pitching more yeast and increasing temp.

    Hi all, I am brand new to brewing/the forum and wanted to get some insight into an issue with a DIPA I've been trying to brew. Starting gravity was 1.085 (expected FG 1.015-1.020), and fermentation in the coming days was great (vigorous bubbling for a few days, tapered off after ~3 days). I...
  13. jeanzanita

    Stuck Fermentation & Cider Sickness ?

    Hi there, I'm relatively new to cider-making; although I've successfully made a few batches of dry, carbonated cider from store-bought juice. For those batches I used either a champagne yeast or SafCider. With both, fermentation occurred pretty quickly and stabilized at @.997 S.G. However...
  14. K

    Is my fermentation stuck - Barleywine

    I've been a homebrewer for nearly 4 years. I brewed a Barleywine with an OG of 1.102. I used Omega Yeast - British Ale I - OYL-006. I made a starter that doubled in size. I used a blowoff tube because my 5.5 gallon batch became a 6.25 gallon batch in a 6.5 gallon fermenter. At day 3, I checked...
  15. guinnessface

    Stuck and Stumped

    Brewers- I could use your help here, I've been running into dead ends lately with much higher than expected final gravity. A month ago I brewed an AG imperial brown on a grainfather. Pretty typical malt bill with a pound each of DME and brown sugar at the end of the boil, mashed at 155, mashed...
  16. chaps

    Dividing line between close enough and stuck fermentation?

    I recently brewed a Porter with a OG of 1.053 and an expected FG of 1.015 (its gluten free). After two weeks of fermentation I am sitting at 1.025 with two readings 3 days apart. If i was at 1.020 or lower i would say close enough and bottle. 10 points off seems kind of far as well as a risk...
  17. J

    Efficiency problems

    So I bought a new system, the 10 gallon ss brewtech bme set up and modified it a little to include a herms. For the last 11 brews I've made over 92% efficiency, Twice being 98%. I do a 3 step mash for all of my Belgian styles or wheat beers and 2 step for other ales. All including a mash out to...
  18. DaveyP

    Amateur Question on Stuck Fermentation

    Hey All, Did my first all grain batch. It was a pale ale, and original gravity was 1.048. Bubbling in the primary started within hours of pitching the yeast, but stopped completely after the first day. I checked it after day 5 and gravity is still 1.030 with no more action happening. I added...
  19. Brew It Back

    Stuck fermentation? Or just sluggish?

    I made my first batch of wine (grapes were from my backyard). OG was ~1.08. The primary fermentation was a little slow, it dropped to SG 1.03 only after about a week, at which point I racked to secondary. It's been three weeks since I pitched the yeast, and it's sitting at SG 1.2- 1.018 at the...
  20. Scientific hippie

    "Stuck fermentation" for newbies

    How long should one be seeing bubbles coming from the airlock? When is fermentation over, and when is it "stuck"? I have five separate gallons of elderberry must, with different yeasts. The four (with and without raisins) I have with Lalvin 1122 or Montrachet are bubbling; the one (just a couple...