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  1. B

    Stuck or just Slow?

    I have a 3 gallon batch of melomel going at the moment with 71b OB honey pomegranate juice and blue berry juice. Starting gravity was 1.120 and temp has been 65f using a thermowell and inkbird to keep it accurate. I have followed TOSNA 3 for the nutrient additions as well with Ferm O and Fermaid...
  2. J

    First Mash Tun Batch

    Hello, I tried last weekend to brew my first batch of beer with a mash tun, since I've only did by BIAB, and it didn't work really well. So let's get down to it First I builded myself a custom mash tun by modifying a 5 gallon cooler. I changed the spigot and added a bazooka screen. With that...
  3. Byrdbrewer

    adding yeast at bottling time

    can anyone speak to the best way to add yeast to a batch of beer that you feel may have lost all its active yeast - I have heard of adding yeast to the bottle, to the bottling bucket, all kinds of crazy things. I'm thinking it would be best to add a spec or two two each bottle, but can some of...