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  1. A

    Fruit wine 23%??

    I recently brewed a batch of Strawberry Wine. I was hoping to end up with a nice dessert wine flavor. OG 1.08 I knew it hadn't turn out as I had hoped when my FG reading was 0.90. Somehow it became very dry and had a very strong alcohol flavor to it. I had let it ferment for 4 months (I've...
  2. G

    Help with strawberry-apple wine pH/funky smell

    Howdy HBT, I was hoping someone could give me some guidance on what to do about this wine I was making. I used frozen strawberries, raisins and apple cider. I don't think the recipe really matters but I can post it if it would help. Basically, I made the must but had no acid on hand, so it went...
  3. M

    Strawberry Wine

    I will be making a couple of batches of strawberry wine later this year, as the owner of my allotments went crazy with strawberry plants over lockdown, and now has more strawberries than he knows what to do with I'm looking at using the recipe, which calls for around 5lbs of...
  4. S

    Chocolate mead.

    Hey everyone, so I’m not exactly new to brewing, however I am with meads, I just find it interesting. So I know they may be other threads I believe their called on this subject so if anyone can help me with linking I’d appreciate it. I started making a chocolate strawberry mead thinking it’ll...
  5. braukorps

    Strawberry Rhubarb attempt - HELP!

    I am planning to make a strawberry rhubarb wine and beer. I ca find strawberry puree easily enough, but not rhubarb. I can find extract flavoring, and a concentrated fruit wine base from LD Carlson. I would prefer to have real puree, and not something mixed with corn syrup. Anyone know where I...
  6. A

    Jack Keller Frozen Strawberry Wine w/White Grape Juice vs. Concentrate

    Greetings Experts! This post is borne out of the sad fact that maybe affecting many of us, that Welch's has discontinued their Frozen Concentrates. TLDR: Need help reformulating for juice. I am here asking for some help in a recipe conversion. One of my favorite recipes is Jack Keller's Frozen...
  7. cburley

    Help with a lavender Meadowfoam mead for my Fiancée

    I am relatively new to mead making and wanted to do something special for my Fiancée for the holidays and our wedding next year. We both love mead, and have both shown interest in making mead in the past, so I thought that I would brew a special mead for the occasion based on things that remind...
  8. LTBradley

    Strawberry Ginger Saison

    Greetings! I've been researching recipes and guides for a strawberry saison I'm looking to brew for a competition in 2020. I'm very much still in the planning stage right now, but I'd like some ideas about using ginger and honey with this recipe. Currently, I'm working off a recipe that I found...
  9. B

    Strawberry and apple cider

    About a month ago I started off some apple and strawberry cider using just store bought apple juice, ribena strawberry cordial, yeast and sugar and it’s turned out beautifully Anyone got any other tasty yet simple ideas? Thanks in anticipation
  10. SKBugs

    Strawberry (Cabana) that has slowed down

    My brew has slowed down considerably. It is still going, but no where near what i am used to. It's maybe a 1.5 gal batch with 2 pound of strawberries straight in at primary. No banana yet as i was going to put it in secondary with another 2 pound of strawberries The yeast was 2 smack packs...
  11. major.noms

    Fruit Beer Strawberry Rhubarb American Wheat Beer

    40% Briess White Wheat Malt 50% Briess Pale Ale Malt 2-Row 5% Briess Victory Malt 5% Rice Hulls (although no gravity achieved from hulls) Mashed @ 154'F for 60 min; raised to 168'f to stop conversion; collected wort in kettle and began boil. .50 oz Belma @ 60 minutes (17.2 ibu) .50 oz Belma @...
  12. CmdrTrekk

    Attempting first fruit beer

    Hi all, just got started brewing a few weeks ago and looking to make our second brew. Our first one, so far, was very successful. I wanted to try to design a Strawberry Blonde Ale for a contest (don't intend to win, just have fun). So here's my suggested recipe. I definitely want some fruit...
  13. Garr-Ro

    AHS's Strawberry Extract Flavoring ....Anyone have any input?

    I have a blonde ale in the primary and was curious if anyone has used AHS's strawberry extract flavoring prior to kegging? Wanting a fruity beer for all to enjoy on the party barge over the upcoming holiday weekend. Thanks in advance for any & all comments / suggestions.:mug: Link...
  14. Blauvelt

    Moldy Strawberry Beer!

    I made BM's Cream of Three Crops a few weeks ago. I got terrible efficiency, and on top of that; I didn't cook the corn before adding it to the mash. the result was a strangely rice-starchy beer with an OG of 1.022 and an FG of 1.014. I used WYeast European Ale 1338, and that is supposed to...
  15. J

    Strawberry Blonde Ale

    Hi all, I've decided to start a discussion on brewing a Strawberry Blonde Ale. I used the Blonde Ale Kit from Midwest Breweries which came with Belgian Wit yeast. Pitched to a starter. In this recipe the only addition made was 4 pounds of pureed strawberries and 1 tbsp of corriander...
  16. bigbeergeek

    Fruit beer experiment: Adding strawberries to chilled beer to avoid dryness

    I've never added fresh fruit to a brew before. Tomorrow I'm going to add 10 lbs of strawberries to my 2ndary, and I'm curious: has anyone ever tried chilling the secondary to 40*F, then pitching the fruit? I'm going to keg this after 10 days, and I don't want to restart fermentation and...