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    Fruit wine 23%??

    I recently brewed a batch of Strawberry Wine. I was hoping to end up with a nice dessert wine flavor. OG 1.08 I knew it hadn't turn out as I had hoped when my FG reading was 0.90. Somehow it became very dry and had a very strong alcohol flavor to it. I had let it ferment for 4 months (I've...
  2. J

    How to avoid fermenting to dryness?

    Hello all, I'm a new user although I've been making beer, wine, mead and such for years. I've had an issue with the meads I've been making that isn't a huge deal but I'm wondering if there is a better solution. I have 2 current batches, one is a strawberry mean and one is a wild black...
  3. D

    Sparkling mead specifics

    Hi all, I'm planning on brewing my first batch of mead (with strawberries). I would love if it could be sparkling mead, but I have a couple of questions: 1. From what I've read, one must be careful about the type of bottle used for bottling. Does anybody know if a flip-top Grolsch beer bottle...
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    I need some help with my future endeavors apple/strawberry mead

    Yoohoo. I made 3 batches of mead a while ago with 3 kinds of honey and I found out the akacie/hickary liquid honey was pretty good and the wildflower solid honey was great on day 1 and then degraded in flavor over time. I guess it degraded in flavor due to me messing up with the sanitizer and...