strawberry blonde

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  1. surgical_ass

    Strawberry blonde with lactose. Thoughts?

    Going to brew a 6 gal blonde ale with strawberries (they are in season locally) added at the end of primary fermentation. We are using roughly 1.5lbs per gallon frozen, smashed, and pasteurized. I have brewed the recipe before with good results, but I would like to see some of the tartness...
  2. weirdboy

    Fruit Beer Strawberry Alarm Clock v3.0 (Strawberry Blonde)

    EDIT: This recipe won a gold medal at Pacific Brewer's Cup 2009. I ended up with 4.8 gallons of beer in bottles after this process, although on previous batches where I had pureed the strawberries I ended up spot-on 5 gallons. So, maybe the strawberries soaked up some of the volume? I probably...