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  1. C

    Strange hydrometer reading, possible infected mead?

    Hey everyone! New mead brewer here and I was hoping to share my possible mistake and hopefully learn about what is going on and save others the trouble. Take it easy on me haha Anyway, I started a 1 gallon batch of mead late last year. I got a good 1080 reading on the hydrometer before...
  2. B

    Mesh Shinwa Filtration

    Hello everyone, I didn’t find any post with “shinwa” in it so I figured I would ask. Is a mesh shinwa too fine to filter beer out at any or all stages of the beer making process? My only concern is it getting clogged up too often Thank you
  3. N

    Overboiling and hop leavings

    Greetings! I just finished my second batch of beer. And it would seem I am repeating the mistakes I made the first time. I should add that I am doing one gallon recipes only for now. That is what my equipment will handle (possibly two gallons if I push it) and my stove can heat. And I want...
  4. Tyler Hurst

    Stainless oxidation or rust in Hop Stainers

    Hi, so I just brewed a beer that I’ve brewed numerous times before. An all galaxy mango Milkshake NEIPA, but when I pulled my hop strainers out I noticed this red buildup that looks like rust or oxidation. My brew does have a slight “metallic” taste to it but I just put it in keg and it’s still...
  5. Brewers Hardware

    Brewers Hardware Head Start on Spring Cleaning Sale!

    We want to make sure you guys are ready for some Springtime brewing, so for the entire month of February, we are offering 15% OFF all Wort Strainers and CIP Spray Balls! Our Wort Strainers come in a few different sizes depending on batch size. If you need help picking the right one for you, give...