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  1. Vincent Gendron Rossignol

    Two yeast, one beer! (Fermentation and priming)

    Greetings fellow brewers, I've been reading a bit on how I should go about to isolate yeast strains from my favorite beers. Apparently, some commercial brewers use two different yeast strains at separate times in the brewing process. One for fermenting and one for priming. One popular beer for...
  2. zgardener

    How Many Strains Do Most Breweries Use?

    So I've been reading a lot, and I know that most brewers have a house yeast, but do they use a wide variety of strains for each style, or so they mainly stick with their house strain?
  3. RushN24

    Body Harvest Ale!?

    Brewers are constantly pushing the envelope with crazy new techniques but just when you think brewing technique can't get any more eccentric, someone proposes an idea so radical it practically blows your mind. I just finished reading the most recent issue of Zymurgy, and Charlie Papazian just...