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  1. pinemarten

    Where do folks enjoy buying 55lbs grain sacks when you have no LHBS?

    Just moved to DC from Boston. Had a great LHBS 10 minutes away. Shot out to Jim and the crew at Weymouth Homebrew Emporium! The LHBS picture in DC is grim. Two look decent, but they are well over an hour away roundtrip. The "shop" actually in DC is a room connected to a brewery, 3 Stars...
  2. LazyPBar

    carlo rossi bottles to store mead?

    hey guys i am wanting to brew some mead soon and unfortunately we dont drink much wine, so no corkable bottles, however we do have quite a few one gallon carlo rossi jugs sitting around that we use for bbq basting. would these work with their regular screw cap to age mead in?:confused: