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    Grainfather pro fermenter stopper size?

    Does anyone know what size rubber stopper the Grainfather Pro conical fermenter uses?
  2. F

    2 - 2.5 opaque jug with spigot and drilled stopper.

    I need a 2 - 2.5 opaque jug with spigot and drilled stopper. This is actually for a science / aquarium project, but searching online I keep ending up in the brewing forums, so that appears to be the closest kind of equipment. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I don't need an airlock. I...
  3. C


    okay, I’m having a rough day with my fermenter. I brewed beer yesterday and saw the fermentation was highly active on it this evening, so I was going to replace my airlock with a blow off tube. In the process, the rubber stopper plopped through the lid and straight into my beautiful stout beer...
  4. M

    Properly cleaning your foam stopper

    So I got a new foam stopper for my starter flask as the old one was getting pretty ragged. Any tips on how to clean foam stoppers well? Thanks and RAHAHB
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    help choosing the right equipment for a second hand 5 gal carboy

    So I recently told a friend of mine that I brewed a not crappy batch of beer. He informed me that he had one glass carboy (containing exactly 1 dead mummified mouse) and one what looks like plastic bottling bucket, but one that comes with a airtight seal (minus 1 o-ring), that I don't recognize...