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  1. homebrewbeliever

    Oxygenating/aerating tea prior to primary fermentation?

    Hello, community! I am moving from homebrewing beer to making kombucha, and I'm working to see what of my beer making gear I can adapt for kombucha use. I have an oxygenation stone for aerating wort and I'm wondering if the SCOBY yeasts benefit from well-oxygenated tea, just like yeasts benefit...
  2. Craigvu

    Calling all in San Diego

    What does everyone think about a get together at one of the breweries in the area? I've only been in town about year, but have been to most of the breweries with the exception of Green Flash. Stone is an obvious favorite for most. Any thoughts?
  3. zahrndt_usmc

    Stone Cali-Belique clone

    Ok so I went to Stone brewing for my buddies going away party, and while im normally a malty kind of guy i tried the Stone Cali-Belique for the first time, and it was amazing, so I want to get started on a clone. Only prob i cant seem to find any recipies for it... so if anyone has a recipe for...