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  1. jasoux

    For Sale Pumps, CFC, Last Straw, and Beer Gun

    Selling some misc brewing equipment. See list below: Two stainless CFCs for sale: $80 each 2 chugged pumps: $50 Last straw bottle filler: $50 Blichmann beer gun: $40 2 Stir plates: $10 each Filter housing: $10 Local pickup preferred, but will ship at buyer's expense.
  2. D

    Sold Chicago Area - Hanna Two-Speed Magnetic Stirrer with 2.5 Liter Capacity, 115V - HI301N - $80

    Hanna Two-Speed Magnetic Stirrer with 2.5 Liter Capacity, 115V - HI301N-1 HI 301N is a heavy-duty stirrer that offers dual range precision. HI 301N can stir up to 2.5 liters (0.66 gallons) of liquid. Similar to the "ZOOM" function of a microscope, this stirrer allows access to two separate...
  3. D

    Sold Chicago Area - Hanna Instruments HI 190M Stir Plate - $40

    Hanna Instruments Magnetic Stirrer HI 190M. The HI190M is a compact and lightweight magnetic stirrer. With a small footprint, lack of laboratory bench space is no longer a concern. Built to last with a protective covering and a user-adjustable stirring speed, this small magnetic stirrer is...
  4. S

    Stir Plate

    Stir plate works well with the 1inch magnet and 1-2L flasks. Good for 5-10 gallon batches. $25 plus shipping.
  5. N

    For Sale Automated HERMS Brew System - Braumeister 50L 220v, NYC/Hoboken 07310, pick-up

    Selling fully automated brewing system, everything in pristine condition. Local delivery or pick up. Prices as below, obo, payment in cash/venmo/paypal. Braumeister 50L HERMS automated brew kettle, 210v ($1,700) -Full set of accessories to accompany, ss spoon, gloves, funnel, extension cord...
  6. J

    Accelerated BOMM Experiments

    Bray’s one month mead (BOMM) thread had me fascinated in accelerating fermentation as soon as I stumbled upon it at homebrew talk. The entire idea is centered around the fact that mead generally takes longer to ferment, clear, and age because the yeast are stressed to a greater degree than what...
  7. M

    DIY Stir Plate Build

    As many home brewers have no doubt experienced, yeast can be one of the more difficult variables to control in the brewing process. Much like an impressionable youngster, yeast requires just the right conditions in order to thrive and therefore become successful in its efforts to produce...
  8. petemoss

    Proper starter technique when not adding entire starter to wort

    Hi gang. Normally I make a starter on a stir plate and then I pitch the entire starter into the wort. I am making a lager that BeerSmith tells me will need a 4L starter. I would rather just pitch the yeast off of the starter rather than the entire starter. This is due to me not wanting that...
  9. A

    How to get started making starters

    Hey folks, I'm contemplating getting the stuff I need to make yeast starters. Is this kit decent? Specifically, is the stir plate a good value? Thanks, Adam
  10. M

    Berliner Weisse new(?) souring method

    Hi, I'm going to brew my first ever Berliner Weisse soon. I've gone through different methods available for souring it properly. So far the most promising for me seemed tossing neutral yeast together with bacteria to chilled wort, but it bugs me (pun here!) that acidic profile of the beer would...
  11. Iowa Brewer

    4-Day Warm-Up for Wyeast Smack-Pack Starter?

    Hey all, Going to brew a witbier on Sunday and read the following on BrewCabin: Note: If you’re using yeast with an inner nutrient packet, take it out of the fridge about four days before brew day, and burst it by squeezing the inner packet. Shake it up and let it rest overnight in a warm...
  12. micraftbeer

    Recent Experiments Fermenting With and Without a Starter

    I recently did a hands-on review of a stir plate and Erlenmeyer flask from MoreBeer. As part of that process, I brewed a number of batches to test out the benefits/effects of using a starter. My first two batches showed little to no effect of the starter on either fermentation parameters or...
  13. U

    Illinois SOLD

    Purging unused equipment, make an offer if you buy the whole lot, $150 for everything (over $250 in equipment) pictures of each item below: Maelstrom stir plate 2 50mm stir bars 1 50mm stir bar 2 2000mL Erlenmeyer flasks with stoppers 1 5000mL Erlenmeyer flask (wide mouth stopper from 2000mL...
  14. piojo

    Stir plate: what kind of DC motor has high torque at low speed?

    My current stir plate is basically a computer fan. The torque isn't bad, as the fan will try to control its own speed (4-wire fan taking a PWM signal for speed), so power isn't automatically reduced when I turn it to low speed--only when it's moving too fast. There must be some kind of feedback...
  15. gruversm

    Michigan Flinn Scientific Ceramic Top Stir Plate 7"

    I'm selling a near mint Flinn Scientific Stir Plate/Heater with a 7" x 7" ceramic top. I used to use this when making Yeast starters. Asking $80/OBO. I am willing to ship USPS.
  16. I

    Starter and krausen

    I just made my first starter with a stir plate. I pitched last night and turned the stir plate on and left it. This morning it looked pretty cloudy but I didn't see any evidence of a krausen. There was a good whirlpool going. After I got home from work this evening there was still no...
  17. jburdett

    Stir Plates and Draft Tower Blowers/Chillers For Sale or Trade

    I'm a poor college student who's addicted to an expensive hobby!! I put my engineering degree to work and built some stir plates and draft tower coolers and they came out great. The stir plates are variable speed and are great for yeast starters. The tower blowers keep beer lines nice and...