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  1. O

    Advice for pressing: cleaning and mashing, does it matter if apples brown or aren't sterilized?

    Hi everyone, I am attempting hard cider for the first time (4-5 gallons) with the guidance of a friend who has made it several times before. They have only used a juicer before, so since we are both going to be making cider we have decided to rent a press this coming weekend to make the process...
  2. Onehappycloud

    Pasteuriser for cider bottles

    Hi hi, I have been expanding my micro cider production, still at home. I am happy not to use any additives and have been pasteurising the bottle in a 'granny's' fashion, submerging the bottles in a big pot. Now I would have > 400 bottles and am looking for a bigger solution, still a compact one...
  3. B

    Bottle: What's this and why won't it come off?

    So I cracked one of my Dubbels after 2 weeks carbonation to see how they're getting on. And after rinsing and shaking right after, oxi cleaner soak with brush inside after even attempted a dishwasher I can't get these marks off. It's like cloudy white specs but in rings then goes up with gaps...
  4. Trey Ark

    White Spider Web-like wisps in Wine

    I froze my grapes and berries whenever I had extra left when I would routine grocery shop. Mashed them, pressed them, and put it into a 1-gallon carboy. I put in 1.5 Campden tablets in. Rather be a little over sterilized then vice versa with the potential of them harboring any of the crap nearby...
  5. Will Whittle

    First brew. Possible mistake?

    Hi, I recently got one of those starter equipment kits (23L plastic fermenting bucket, airlock, hydrometer etc etc). Just in case anyone's interested, I got the Mango Jacks pink grapefruit IPA. It's my first brew, so Im a little excited... Anyway, I followed the instructions, filled the bucket...
  6. I

    Only StarSan for cleaning?

    Hi very quick question. I have some VWP steriliser and some ChemSan (StarSan). When cleaning my equipment can I only use the ChemSan? Or do I need to first use the steriliser? What's the point of sterilising (VWP) when sanitising (ChemSan) is easier? Thanks