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  1. C

    One mash, two beers - Steeping

    Hi. My question is: If I do a 10gal mash of say an English Bitter consisting of MO+C60+Amber. Would it be ok to split that mash in two and add some steeped grains in just one of the worts? Lets say I add some Chocolate + C120 to one batch making it into something like a Porter. That way with...
  2. J

    It's Easy to Make a Killer IPA

    First I would like to give you a little background about myself. I have been brewing beer for only about a year now and it's been all extract and mainly kit beers. I recently bought a new kettle and some other equipment so I'm moving to all grain BIAB. I gave up bottling several months ago and...
  3. V

    Adding Body But Not Color

    I am tweaking a DIPA (NEIPA style) recipe and really looking to stay as close to straw yellow as possible but can't seem to do so with my steeping grains. Currently my bill is: 6 lb Pilsner DME 1 lb Bavarian Wheat DME 1.5 lb Flaked Oats 0.5 lb Carapils 0.2 lb Crystal 20 I am getting 5 SRM on...
  4. B

    Adding roasted grain post-fermentation

    I tried to do a late-mash-addition with my roasted barley and chocolate malt in my oatmeal stout. It definitely ended up too light. Can I steep some of each of those grains in warm water, boil down to a fairly negligible volume, and then just add to my keg? Thanks
  5. mr_stout

    Replacement For Flaked Corn

    Since flaked corn is not an steepable grain that I can use in an extract recipe. What can I use to replace it? And what would replace flaked barley?
  6. B

    Why Would Steeping Grains Include 2 Row?

    I just bought a BIPA extract kit and the steeping grains include a pound of pale malt. I've been doing my homework and found many a thread with conflicting information. Some say steep as usual and just get a small amount of flavor from the pale malt. This seems to fly in the face of everything...
  7. K

    Steeping without a grain bag

    I received a kit in the mail yesterday, but the grain bag was missing. There's no homebrew store in town, and if I don't brew this weekend I won't have another opportunity for about 10 days. Is there a way to steep the grains without a bag? I thought about just dumping the grains in the...
  8. Z

    Coffee Percolater

    I have an old 4 gallon, aluminum, percolater. Could it be used to make an all-grain beer? I have only seen one article with the concern or the temps being too high. The basket seems to be large enough for almost 3 quarts of grain.:confused: