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  1. jasper_brewer

    Steeped the Oak Chips for Whisky Barrel Stout

    I was following a recipe for Whisky Barrel Stout and I did not read the instructions properly(my fault). I put the chips with grains in the steeping bag and steeped for 20 minutes at a temperature around 165-170 F. Will this be harmful for health? Will it still taste like oak? I feel it will...
  2. pmiddy

    Calculating the correct amount of DME to add to the boil

    I'm about to brew my first Milk Stout (ready for the Aussie winter): Ingredient Kgs Light Dry Malt Extract 2.700 450g Lactose Powder 0.450 450g Simpsons Black Malt 0.450 350g Joe White Dark Crystal Malt 0.350 250g Pale Chocolate Malt 0.250 I'm doing a partial mash/steep and...
  3. HBearBrew

    Cold Steep Extract Efficiency

    I have always wanted to try the cold steep method for dark and specialty while brewing a stout, but the lack of literature on extract efficiency with cold steep somehow always stopped me. I was especially interested as cold steeping would enable me to lower the amount of grain in my main grist...
  4. frankvw

    Water-to-grist ratio and grain absorption

    Because many home brewers in this area (including yours truly) brew with borehole water from a dolomite layer which is so hard it can be described as liquid pebbles and has a high pH as well, I have tried to observe the recommendation of not using more than 2 quarts of water (2L) per pound of...
  5. frankvw

    Steeping grains in wort vs. water: extraction efficiency vs. tannins

    After having had several bad results (strong tannin flavors and harsh bitterness) with steeping grains in our local tap water, I've tried to steep in wort instead. While I'm now not getting any tannin flavors and nasty bitter notes anymore, I'm also not getting a decent extraction efficiency...
  6. I

    Decreasing brewing time by skipping grain steeping

    For all grain brewing, I saw many tutorials which steep the grains in water at less that 100C temperature for some time. They then separate out the liquid which is then boiled with some hops for some time again. Are there any disadvantages to directly boiling the grains (instead of steeping)...
  7. EnglishAndy

    Cold steeping & water treatment

    I'm planning a porter for this weekend's brew and am working through the water treatment in Brunwater. I will be cold steeping the roasted grains for 24 hours like the guides on the internet tell you to do. I'm a little confused as to what water needs what treatment. I'm guessing that it's...
  8. J

    Second batch rookie question. How hot is too hot?

    Hey Brewers, Quick question I am in the middle of my second batch. I am using an Witbier extract kit from Brewers Best. I was steeping my grains in a smaller pot at the correct temperatures 148-153 degrees for thirty five minutes. I then placed my thermometer inside of the grain bag and went to...
  9. B

    Adding roasted grain post-fermentation

    I tried to do a late-mash-addition with my roasted barley and chocolate malt in my oatmeal stout. It definitely ended up too light. Can I steep some of each of those grains in warm water, boil down to a fairly negligible volume, and then just add to my keg? Thanks
  10. F

    Steeping Grains

    What have you guys found as the best method for steeping grains? Most recipes just say "until it hits 170 degrees" but I feel like that has to be a sloppy way of doing it.
  11. B

    Steeping Grains, Beer Kits and Fermentables

    I'm a bit lost. I've made 4 kits now, 2 requiring sugars or other fermentables to be added, 2 where they were already in the extract. So far, so good. I'm now ready to move to the experimentation stage and start adding hop teas and perhaps steeped grains but I'm a bit confused by steeping...