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  1. wreboot

    Mead Won't Start

    Start off recipe: Lavin D47 yeast 3.75 lbs honey/gal 1 cup fresh citrus juice/gal (orange, grapefruit, and lime) 2 tbsp citrus zest/gal (orange with orange and so on) 1 tsp yeast nutrient/gal 1/4 tsp Potassium Metabisulfite /gal Water I was ambitions and was making a 15 gallon batch with some...
  2. StarCityBrewMaster

    Understanding a 3 Tier Brewing System

    I have only made one batch of beer and planning my second. Obviously I'm a big dreamer already thinking about a 3 tier brewing system. My father in law is a welder and could easily put together a rack like the one in the video listed.
  3. StarCityBrewMaster

    Cost vs. Labor - Before I do anything!

    I'm trying to search the forum but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I would like to brew my own beer, personally I favor something like a Newcastle nut brown ale. I am curious what it would cost for me to do a typical brew like this and how much beer it would produce. I can buy a...
  4. L

    New to kegging

    I am interested in getting into kegging. I am just wondering what i will need to get started