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  1. Nate R

    Adding oxygen to yeast starters?

    Anybody ever add oxygen to their yeast starters? I know it makes a HUGE difference in turning wort into beer. Does it make a difference on a yeast starter with a stir plate? Assuming all best practices for cleaning, sanitizing, etc are followed, will it make a noticeable difference? My plan is...
  2. J

    Real Wort Starters Overview

    As an entry level brewer I did little more than buy a Whitelabs vial, bring it to 70ish degrees, gave it a good shake and pitched it into a carboy full of cool wort. Voila! It worked. Eventually, curiosity, evolution, the desire for better beer, or whatever we are calling it today, took over and...
  3. V

    Get To Know Your Yeast - Making A Starter

    A typical Saturday brewday for me begins on Monday before sitting down to eat dinner. After picking up the liquid yeast vials needed for my recipe I boil up a batch of yeast starter wort made from extra light dried malt extract and filtered water. My LHBS The Brewers Apprentice stocks Munton's...
  4. Nate R

    How big of a starter can you first make from a fresh pack of yeast?

    Hey all. Still kinda new to yeast harvesting, starters, etc. (Can't believe i waited this long!! Such a money saver!!) Anyways... i got a big 'ole 5L flask coming soon. Here's my question: Can i start with a fresh pack of yeast (say, Imperial which is my go-to) and immediatley make a large 5L...
  5. drpepper517

    On the right track with wild yeast?

    What's up guys and gals? About two weeks ago I tossed some grapes and a couple leaves into some starter to catch something wild. There were signs of fermentation and I let it go 12 days, saw visible sediment at the bottom of the mason jar. It smelled and tasted pretty pretty good, a little...
  6. A

    Starters and Simple Sugars

    I've not used sucrose in a starter because I've read in a number of places that it can have a negative impact on the yeasts ability to use the more complex sugars in wort. That's all well and good but has anybody here tried sucrose? Was there a negative impact? Atb. Aamcle
  7. agezzi

    how much damn lme should be use in starter

    ok so im getting that i suck at math. does anyone know how much lme i should use for a 2l starter. all i find is lme threads on stater amounts. and ill b @#$% if i made one lastnight 1.5 liters and used 1 cup,damn thing was 1.060. i had to boil and cool more water. ended up at 1.037 wich im ok...