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  1. A

    How to get started making starters

    Hey folks, I'm contemplating getting the stuff I need to make yeast starters. Is this kit decent? Specifically, is the stir plate a good value? https://www.homebrewing.org/Yeast-Starter-Kit_p_2592.html Thanks, Adam
  2. Sneakyy

    Sources for Homebrewing Kits/Equipment in Europe?

    Dear beer-lovers, Today I opened a thread in the 'equipment/sanitation' section but soon we realized it would be a bitter fit to post a thread on this forum. So, let me first copy-paste some details from my previous post: "Recently I have been fascinated and inspired by this whole homebrewing...
  3. Sneakyy

    Buying my first beer brewing starter kit!

    Dear homebrew-fellows, Recently I have been fascinated and inspired by this whole homebrewing world and (after reading John Palmer's book) would like to order a good starter kit. After doing some research, I ended up with this kit that can either be bought at their own website or via Amazon...