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  1. Gregory T

    Can we address the dry yeast yeast starter concept again?

    Safbrew be-256 yeast is $6 pack and should contain approximately 110 billion cells. Brewing a 1.065 Belgian Blonde at a 1.0 pitch rate calls for 330 billion cells. That is 2 additional packs or $12. a 2 liter starter is 210 grams of dme. which is $2.99 at Morebeer. It is not just as cheap to buy...
  2. Sparkncode

    Considering doing my first starter

    Thinking of doing my first starter. I'm going to have a go at brewing a 9.5% ABV belgium tripel on the weekend using mangroves jacks M31 belgium tripel dry yeast which i foolishly only ordered one pack of and its not worth the courier for another pack. Liquid yeast is pretty expensive here so...