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  1. M

    B Brite vs Star San for bottling...which to use?

    Hi, I will be bottling my beer tomorrow. I have both b-brite cleaner and Star San sanitizer. I am confused on which one to use for the bottles etc tomorrow. On my last batch, I only used b brite. Can anyone help with this please? Thanks!
  2. R

    Star San leaked and turned box and wood flooring black. Is this mold, rot or a chemical reaction. Is this unsafe?

    I had a mini bottle of starsan in a cardboard box within a cardboard box under my bed with the cardboard box laying sideways. I stored it this way for about a year. Today, I’m looking under my bed and I see that the wood flooring and cardboard box are black in certain spots. I checked the...
  3. D

    Cleaning and Sanitation Primer

    One of the most important parts of the homebrewing process is cleaning and sanitizing your equipment. As many a homebrewer can attest, there is an increased risk of off-flavors and/or infection when the necessary precautions are not taken. Taking a little bit of time to ensure sanitation can...
  4. I

    Only StarSan(ChemSan)? and how should I use it?

    I have watched many videos on youtube on how to use StarSan (ChemSan) but I am still quite confused.. I would really appreciate if someone would tell me EXACTLY what to do so that I don't mess anything up. For example sometimes I see people draining the bubbles, sometimes they don't. I'm...
  5. Trey Ark

    Mouse Poo and Apples...

    Hey Everyone, I've been busy with multiple brews, college, and work. I left some of my favorite apples in the garage, meaning to use them the next day but life happened and they've sat out there. I've thrown out the rotting ones and found some mouse poop in one of my boxes. I have another box...
  6. B

    Storing water filters in Star San?

    So, I have a water filter system for brewing, but I don't brew often enough to keep the filter installed in the cannister between brews. (Between available time and kegerator capacity I typically brew once every two months, sometimes three, and almost never more frequently than once a month.) I...
  7. J

    Silicon Tubing and Star San

    Hey everyone, After my last brew session, I decided to store my silicone high temp tubing in a bucket of Star San. Upon taking them out for my next brew, they all had a chalky film coating them. I scrubbed them best I could and re-sanitized and continued on with my brew day. There doesn't...
  8. DrumForHire

    Iodophor and BrewJacket

    Well, my BrewJacket just arrived today, and I'm excited to get my next brew going! Now, I know I have to use a method other than Star-San to sanitize the immersion rod. I was originally thinking of just boiling the rod with the wort, but I'm now thinking that it might just be too unwieldy of a...
  9. DerSchopferVonEbbelwoi

    The Quest for True Apfelwein

    Greetings, fellows. I’m new here, and I’m new to brewing. Over my years of perusing brew forums and seeing friends brew, I’ve noticed that standard practice among home-brewers is to use added sugars, “yeast nutrients” (isn’t what you’re fermenting nutritious enough for the yeast?), chemical...
  10. thisissami

    Whooops... sanitization + cider question

    Hi Everybody! I'm fermenting my first batch of cider right now, and ****ed up my sanitization in a number of ways. The primary way in which I screwed up was that I felt weird about pouring my fresh apple juice (that I juiced myself!) into containers full of sanitary foam, and accordingly...
  11. Byrdbrewer

    Star San question??

    quick question about star san - I just used star san today for the first time - I mixed up a 5 gal batch and since it was the first time using it, I used black latex gloves. I cleaned 24 22 ounce bottles, but there seemed to be a sulphur smell emanating from the batch of star san. I read on...