star san in beer

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  1. Iowa Brewer

    Live, Learn, & Pass It On... But seriously, will I poison myself?

    Hey all, I've been cold crashing a DIPA in the fermenter, bringing it down 10F/day to 36F. Went to take a look and realized that I should have disconnected the blow-off tube, because the lowering temp caused suction (new lesson for me!), it sucked the StarSan that I had in a 1gal jug into the...
  2. E

    Star San Suck Back Post Fermentation

    I screwed up. I was worried about getting oxidizing my beer during the transfer to my keg so I kept the lid on my stainless steel fermenter and I left the blowoff tube connected and in about a 1/2 gallon of star san and water solution. Well I just opened up the spigot and let the beer drain...