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  1. B

    FastFerment DIY stand

    Hello! I recently bought a 7.9Gal FastFerment and was wondering how everyone has theirs mounted I did not the stand as it doesn’t seem sturdy and the reviews say it’s difficult to transport. It came with wall mounts but I can’t really see how that’s practical. I saw this design online and it...
  2. A

    Three Vessel Induction Brewing System

    I designed my very own induction brewing system that is based on a traditional 3 kettle system design. I wanted a way to brew great tasting beers, with the ease of brewing them in my basement. To do so I used 3 induction cookers and 2 pumps, powered by 3 dedicated electrical circuits run...
  3. Chuck Crowell

    How many BTUs are you really getting

    Sharing this as I have not seen info on this before, however, I didn’t search too hard. Found out that temps play a part in your BTUs and hard to get much from the standard 20 lbs propane tanks. See attached photos of temp/BTU chart. Most of the stands I’ve seen are not factoring in this or...
  4. NWOKBrewer

    DIY Whiskey Barrel stand w/barrel rotation wheels!?

    Yup, that's what I want to talk about. Anyone have any ideas on how to build a stand for my whiskey barrel (55g) where I can spin by barrel? I'd like to be able to spin the barrel to drain from the bung hole. Casters? While you guys are thinking about that, what about a DIY bung remover? Go!
  5. devils4ever

    CO2 Tank Stand Plans or Source

    Hi all, I used to have my CO2 tank inside my keezer, but now I moved it outside. So, I'm a little worried that someone will topple it over when accessing my Perlick beer faucets. I have 5, 10 and 15 lb tanks. Does anyone have plans for building a stand to keep the CO2 tanks upright? Or, can...
  6. B

    Best material for top of stand

    I am inheriting some 80/20 from work and am planning a small stand for a one-vessel eBIAB system. What are some good, cheap, heat-resistant materials for the 'counter-top'? Thanks
  7. A

    Complete Homebrewing Equipment Set

    HI! I have a complete home brew set that I am selling. The price is set at 3,200$. Well work out a deal to part it out if necessary. This has only been used once!!! Been busy and haven't had time to brew, so I need to give it to someone that will brew more then I have. Put this equipment to use...
  8. A

    California Full home brew setup, all grain.

    Long time lurker, sad to say this is my first post. Selling all of my equipment, moving into a smaller place and will have no more room to homebrew. 3 glass big mouth bubblers with harnesses, one 6.5 gallon the other two are 5 gallon. Bottle drying tree with tons of bottles. Bruery bottles...