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  1. brewbuddynick

    Can somebody help me with a high final gravity. In search of solutions or cause of problems.

    Greetings fellow brewers! 🍻 About three weeks ago, I embarked on my tenth all-grain beer brewing adventure, crafting a delightful amber ale. However, it seems the fermentation process has been a bit sluggish, concluding a week ago with a final gravity of 1.020 – a tad higher than the anticipated...
  2. S

    Kveik sugar head stalling at 1.06 gravity

    Okay I'm at the end of my rope here and surrounded by all kinds of confusion and frustration. I am trying to ferment a wash with Hornindal kveik because it supposedly can ferment nicely from a high OG and quite quickly. My recipe was: 5 gal water 1 tsp miso paste (yes weird but should provide...
  3. G

    Restarting a stalled fermentation with bottle trub?

    TLDR: Could I use the trub from the bottom of carbonated beer bottles to restart a stalled fermentation in another batch? (Instead of racking on top of a yeast cake, which I don't currently have). Hey! I recently brewed 5L of stout (OG:1.089, Yeast:S-04), and after two weeks fermentation should...
  4. rockittear

    Yeast nutrient added late in fermentation

    I have three separate one gallon batches of mead fermenting and thought one stalled. I stagger the nutrients and add more every few days instead of every 24 hours. I just added some today, but I took gravity readings and now I’m realizing it’s day 14 and they might’ve all just reached their...
  5. rockittear

    Can I add GoFerm in the middle of (stalled) fermentation?

    I have a stalled batch of mead that I suspect is from too high of an OG so my plan is to pour some out, add some water, and throw in the last round of yeast nutrient and fermaid k. Would it help or hurt to also add some GoFerm?
  6. I

    First batch my fermentation stalled?

    Hey everybody, I'm finally starting my homebrewing journey and started my first batch about two weeks ago. This is a small 1-gallon batch. I used "Brewer's Best" American Pale Ale extract recipe. Followed instructions and everything seemed to go to plan. My airlock wasn't bubbling much but...
  7. B

    Beer fermentation slowing down half way

    I don’t know what to do as this has never happened to me. I’m fermenting a doppelbock (started 2/8/21) OG 1.080 and target 1.021. I did a two packet yeast starter with Servomyces pills. The graph above I made shows it’s slowing down way to fast. It’s about 50 seconds between bubbles. It’s at...
  8. M

    Stalled or Finished Very High?

    I have a honey american wheat beer that has been in primary for 2.5 weeks. The expected OG was 1.047 but I ended up getting a couple points higher at 1.052. The expected FG is 1.009. I used US-05 and didn't see any bubbling at all. After a week, I checked the gravity with a refractometer and saw...
  9. TNJake

    AHS Shiner Bock clone - WLP 833 stalled ferm?

    I brewed this clone according to this recipe with an OG of 1.047. I cooled my wort to about 75 degrees when I aerated using shake/ swirl method. I did added a single pack of WLP833 and I regrettably did not use a starter. The recipe didn't say anything about it (I should have know better). 12...
  10. R

    Stalled fermentation suggestions

    Hello everyone, Around one month ago I tried brewing a one gallon batch of Belgian red ale using Belgian Abbey II Yeast (Wyeast 1762). OG was 1.045, which sounded fine at the time, however after 14 days it had only reached 1.030. Waited for another 7 days, while rousing the wort once a day...
  11. HOoT_oWL

    Should I make another Starter and pitch again? Did I mess up? 1068 ESB

    Hi all, I Brewed an ESB yesterday with 1968. The day before I made a 2L starter from a pack of 1968 ESB yeast. When the wort was fully chilled(64 F) I went ahead and pitched the yeast into the 11 gallons of wort (1.060). I stirred gently and commenced siphoning the wort into 2 fermentors...