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  1. C

    Stainless fermentor and red wine or Raspberry Mead

    Hi all, I just got a stainless conical fermentor. Does anyone have any advice with fermenting red wine or Raspberry mead in a stainless fermentor? I don’t want to permanently stain the inside of the vessel like my plastic buckets, and don’t know anyone to ask. Of course there is no mention...
  2. A

    Black Krausen Ring

    Hello everyone!I am new to brewing and put together a kit to start my first batch of beer. I have a spike flex SS fermenter and love it. I just finished my first American Pale Ale and it smelled amazing and looked relatively clear. I did notice a black ring and some small black spots on the...
  3. tidesmatt

    In MA: SSbrewtech 14 Gallon Chronical Stainless Steel Fermenter w/Upgrades - $400

    SSbrewtech 14 Gallon Chronical Stainless Steel Fermenter w/Upgrades - $400 For sale is an SSbrewtech 14 Gallon Chronical Stainless steel fermenter in excellent condition. Current product listed on SSbrewtech’s website (14 gal | Chronical) and retails for $500 as is. Selling this fermenter with...
  4. S

    ** Never Been Used Spike CF5 **

    I have a never been used Spike CF5 for sale. I bought it less than a year ago and has been sitting in my basement ever since. Includes many accessories (see order summary sheet in pictures). I have no use for it now as I quite drinking a while back. Willing to ship through my Fedex account for a...
  5. JAReeves

    7G SS Fermenter

    I know it’s a long shot, but I would like to get a 7 gallon stainless fermenter for my 5 gallon batches. A conical is ideal, but I would be happy with a modified 7.5 keg. Southern California local, shipping possible if not too much. Thanks, Reevesie