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  1. stouttanksandkettles


    Many brewers are buying 1 bbl pilot systems right now. But not all pilot systems are created equal. We packed our 1 bbl Pilot Pro with as many professional grade features as we could fit, and built the system with the same high standards for quality we use in all of our larger brewing systems...
  2. Karkinos

    Selling All My Gear

    I have the following gear for sale: 1. 16 gallon Bayou Classic stainless steel kettle with screen tube and stainless valve. $125 2. 15 gallon Keggle with tube pick up and stainless valve. $115 3. 7 gallon stainless conical fermenter with temp gauge and stainless valves. $150 4. 12 gallon...
  3. SmokeyRydr

    Clamp-on Whirlpool arm & Pickup tube

    I've got a 10g Spike Brewing boil kettle and had been using a bazooka tube, a counter-flow chiller and a pump. The kettle only has one flow port, so I was just hanging the return tube over the kettle when was running boil wort through the CFC and pump to sanitize them. I was able to get kind...