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  1. M

    Heating output problems with Auber Cube

    I have a brand new Auber Cube powering a 4500 watt Boilcoil. I've been learning to use the cube while testing the new Boilcoil with water in the kettle. Whether in mash or boil mode, I can get the coil to heat up for a few minutes and then it no longer heats even though the green power output...
  2. F

    2 element/SSR from one PID

    Hi there. Can someone comfirm that this is the correct method to do this. I hope that this will work because i only got 16A i my house. So derfor 2 x 3200W element and not 5500W :P Frank
  3. C

    Yet another PID question.

    I am building a controller that will have two SSR(s) that control two different devices (heating element/heating element or heating element /cooling. I have a TA4-SSR (not -SNR or -RNR). My question is can I connect SSR(s) to either AL1 or AL2 do I need to provide dc power to pins 5 or 6? The...
  4. E

    Contactor, SSR Wiring Confusion

    I currently have a control panel wired for 1 HLT heating element. It is wired into 1 SSR and the PID. I am wanting to add another heating element for the boil kettle. After looking at some diagrams they have contactors added with a switch with the SSR still wired to the heating element : Below...
  5. Kmo4040

    Auber Instruments SSR's

    Anyone here use Auber Instruments' SSR's ? If so are they any good? Any failures? Thanks!
  6. P

    PID With Outlet And Switch Help

    Hi Everyone, Please see below for my wiring diagram on my PID. This is all in a boxed enclosure meant to control my 1500W element and pump on separate switches. Everything is wired for 110V. Red is representing neutral. This was working fine for about 15 mins. I could use both switches and...
  7. Bean

    Will this work? heatsink for 40amp SSR

    I'm in the sourcing phase of converting from propane to electric. I'm building a 50amp HERMS system using MRG 40amp SSR's, MRG-1 D4825. I happened upon several Foxconn 344498-001 rev B heatsinks, looks like this. It's approximately 3x3.5x2.5. My question is, will these provide the necessary...
  8. Z

    PID SSR Compatiability Question

    It has been a long time coming but I am finally putting together a controller and building a RIM unit. I have gotten everything put together but think I may have picked up the wrong SSRs. I currently have a Watlow 988 which the following output specs: "Output Options • Solid-state relay...