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  1. N

    Complete system Braumeister, fermenters, kegerator, NYC/Hoboken 07310, everything must go, pick up or local delivery only.

    Former pro brewer selling compact professional homebrew setup. Items may be purchased individually, best deal for complete system. Local delivery or pick up. Prices as below, obo, payment in cash/venmo/paypal. Asking $3,000 all in or best offer, prices as individual items below: Braumeister...
  2. Scott83

    My 5 Gallon Kombucha Set-Up

    My wife's setup currently is a kit from Williams-Sonoma. This is a 5L (approx 1.3 gallon) kit. The kombucha has been turning out great. She does primary fermentation in this glass jar and then transfers to 16 oz swing top bottles for secondary fermentation with various combinations of different...
  3. gleoncavallo

    Mill Table Grist Dust Mitigation

    Howdy All, Just finished a build for my second mill table but was disappointed by the little piles of grist dust that appeared under the table at the end of brew day. This got me thinking about ways to capture more of the grist dust for the mash. Seems like a loss to not try to reclaim this...
  4. scottaudette

    Florida Complete Brew System Spike Brewing and E-Brew Supply Setup.

    Hello All, Today is going to be someones luck day! I am down scaling my brew system and willing to make someone a heck of a deal. I built out the system a couple of years ago as a possible pilot system. BEFORE anyone asks I am selling as COMPLETE System only, AS-IS and no shipping. BUT for...
  5. backyardwizard

    SSBREWTECH 1V system (20 GAL)

    Like new Sssbrewtech 1V system ebrewing system. Got this a few weeks ago. Setup, passivated, and brewed one beer. This is essentially new with no dings or other issues. The pump shown on the picture is not included. Retails for 1049 plus tax. Available for pickup in Reseda, or shipping (at your...
  6. B

    Round / "Halo" Electric Elements w TriClamp or NPT Thread?

    When it comes to boil kettles, I'm of the opinion that hop and trub separation are of paramount concern; boil kettles need to effortlessly do this task to prevent constant recurring brew day pain, IMHO. The new round, "Halo" electric elements are very useful for us electric brewers on this...
  7. G

    Philadelphia Area**COMPLETE Premium All-grain Homebrew Setup (Spike, Blichmann, Ss Brewtech

    https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/hsh/d/plymouth-meeting-complete-premium-all/6802188962.html Complete brewery! Can easily make 10 gallon batches. Lightly used three times. Homebrewing setup including: 15 gallon-Custom welded Spike Brewing brew kettle with: -Adjustable thermometer -Two...
  8. M

    Pennsylvania SSBrewtech 14 Gallon Unitank Conical with FTSS Chiller/Heater

    I am selling my very lightly used Unitank. This is the 14 gallon version and it will include everything that came with it stock from SSbrewtech. I also have the leg extensions and casters with it as well as a FTSs extension cable for the pump. I have brewed about 5 batches in it and it is in...
  9. A

    SS Brew Bucket blow off tube

    I have been lurking here for a while and typically find an answer to any question i may have but came up short on this one. I wanted to reciprocate sharing the wealth of knowledge i have gained on this forum over the years. I recently upgraded from glass carboys to SS BrewTech brew buckets...
  10. jbaker1887

    Michigan SS Brewtech 7 gallon BME Chronical

    7 gallon chronical with FTSS cooling option. Has casters and blowoff cane. Will include all other hardware as well. I’m selling because I’m moving in a different direction with my brewing and with a baby on the way would like some extra cash. Original box included. Local pickup only at this...
  11. M

    Missouri SS Brewtech/Keezer Items

    (2) - SS Brewtech BrewBuckets w/ FTSs Temp Control - $350 each + shipping (1) - 10 gallon SS Brewtech Kettle Brewmaster Edition - used on one brewday and i'll include pump for whirlpool - $200 + shipping (1) - 10 gallon SS Brewtech Kettle - $150 + shipping (1) - Blichman Terminator - $100 +...