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  1. Z

    High SRM Hazy IPA

    Anyone ever made a high SRM (>7) hazy ipa, or know of a commercial example? I feel like all I can ever find are pictures of traditional looking hazy beers or oxidized disaster beers. I want to go pretty high in Munich malt on a hazy ipa for a flavor experiment, but I can’t find many good...
  2. mgalbus

    SRM Correction for Witbier

    So I purchased 'Brewing Classic Styles: 80 Winning Recipes Anyone Can Brew' and trying to make the Wittebrew recipe. I have placed the recipe into a couple different programs (Brewfather and Brewers Friend) so that I could scale down the recipe from 7 gallons pre-boil volume. Brewhouse...
  3. V

    Color Question (Blackberry and Raspberries)

    So I have a 9 SRM base beer that is being racked onto blackberries and raspberries (20 oz even split for a 1.5 gallon batch). I am hoping for a purple / pinkish color but am scared my base beer was too dark. Any thoughts or experience? Also bonus points, has any one achieved layered colors in...
  4. Scott Johnson

    Yet another question about SRM to Tristimulus values

    I'm trying to wrap my head around how to apply ASTM E-308 to SRM measurements for beer. The problem domain in which I am working requires that we have a decent conversion from SRM to RGB (or sRGB) via conversion to Lab* first. It seems that every site I use to create a beer recipe has their own...
  5. JesseL

    SRM mystery

    I've been working on a single-hop citra IPA recipe, and something really strange happened with my latest iteration. I'm aiming for a lovely pale straw color, and my brewing software said that the SRM for this last batch should be 2. Somehow, it has come out much, much darker; between 8 and 9. My...
  6. BandonBrewingCo

    Is 500g @300SRM = 250g @600SRM

    Title says it all really. Are crystal and dark malts subbed in a linear fashion? Is 1kg 20SRM = 2KG 10SRM? Or is it just with the roasted barley where I have to be extra careful? Is there any guidelines on this (especially for roasted barley)?
  7. E

    First Stout - Lower SRM than it should be?

    So I just brewed my first stout; a clone of Rasputin's Imperial Stout. I followed the instructions in BYO to a "T" and the SRM seems way off. Will it get darker? From what I've seen of my other beers they tend to get a little lighter as the haze clears. Did I screw something up? Thanks!