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  1. erichsmith

    Spunding for lager in Sanke Keg

    I’m now a professional brewer but still do some homebrew stuff. Spunding is relatively new to me and I’ve got a valve. I want to do a lager and ferment in a Sanke keg. I’ve got a way to put the valve on. My concern is, when it’s finished, how would I transfer to my serving keg? I’ll have the...
  2. micraftbeer

    Pressurized Fermentation Resource Post

    I recently made a "resource post" for HomeBrewFinds on fermentation under pressure. I researched the various sources of info scattered out on the web, and tried to filter them with an engineering mind to glean the key technical aspects and practical applications. I also added my experience...
  3. E

    Airlock / Spunding valve Question

    Hi everyone, my first post here (and i dont know if i am skipping some introduction). I just have a question regarding airlocks / temp control and spunding valves. I just made my first 100+ liters batch of a blond ale. I am using conical fermenters with a cooling cilinder inside to control temp...
  4. Z

    Spunding time post transfer

    Hello All, I brewed an IPA on 19th of this month, OG 1060, used good amount of yeast (BRY-97) and lots of dry hop. It was fermented in a corny keg (64F). I brew 1,5 galons only, so my fermentations are pretty fast (my record is lager in 3 days at 54F not using pressure, only airlock) At day 4...
  5. V

    Spunding Valve

    I bought parts to build a blowtie spunding valve and wanted to use this pressure gauge: Digital Low Pressure Gauge with 1/4'' NPT Bottom Connector and Rubber Protector by Uharbour, 0-60 psi, Accuracy 1%, Resolution 0.1psi https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CXM3ZGT/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_0t6OEbPWD9TVY...
  6. V

    CO2 Capture

    Need y'all to reaffirm or poke holes in this for me..... I ferment in corny kegs and have been thinking about ways to save on some CO2. I'm not looking to replace my tanks or anything but since so much CO2 is produced during fermentation I was thinking why not capture and use it for stuff like...
  7. HardyFool

    Sous Vide Brewing - 2 Pints

    Hello everyone! I was intrigued a few years back by a thread in which someone used an Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker as a pseudo-RIMS for mash control; the idea was to use a chinois or hop strainer to create a grain-free zone in the mash tun, in which the cooker was placed. Some noted that...
  8. MacDee

    Monitoring spunding pressure through BrewPi/Fermentrack

    I've set up a legacy Arduino Uno BrewPi/Fermentrack system that I hope to eventually hookup to a jacketed conical. I also plan on adding a Tilt. I would like to add a head pressure sensor so that I could more accurately determine when to start spunding regardless of fermentation speed. I've...
  9. beervoid

    Natural carbonating kegs with CBC-1 or F-2 yeast

    Hello everyone, Can anyone tell me how long it takes for F-2 or CBC-1 to finish fermenting? I've put about 1-2 grams in a 5 gallon keg together with 60 grams of sugar in order to scavenge oxygen en naturally carbonate. I spunded but I saw very little pressure change (about 2psi in 24h)...
  10. brewpharm Hill

    Closed transfers...during primary fermentation?

    Hi all, Trying to nail down my new england IPAs and improve hop flavor and aroma by spunding early on to capture more hop aroma and also start some natural carbonation. I want to do a closed C02 transfer right around day 3 or 4 (high krausen) from a fermonster into a C02 purged keg containing...
  11. beervoid

    Transferring with some gravity left instead of purging kegs.

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to make my process as simple as possible, like probably most of you. As purging keg's seems like a big waste of CO2 and water purging is extra work. I've been wondering what if I ferment my beer and just transfer it to an unpurged keg with either a few points left...