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spunding valve

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  1. V

    Spunding Valve

    I bought parts to build a blowtie spunding valve and wanted to use this pressure gauge: Digital Low Pressure Gauge with 1/4'' NPT Bottom Connector and Rubber Protector by Uharbour, 0-60 psi, Accuracy 1%, Resolution 0.1psi https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CXM3ZGT/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_0t6OEbPWD9TVY...
  2. V

    CO2 Capture

    Need y'all to reaffirm or poke holes in this for me..... I ferment in corny kegs and have been thinking about ways to save on some CO2. I'm not looking to replace my tanks or anything but since so much CO2 is produced during fermentation I was thinking why not capture and use it for stuff like...
  3. V

    Carbonating In The Primary

    I've got a few questions related to this topic but heres some background. I have started mostley fermenting under pressure in a 70-72F enviroment and have just been leaving enough PSI (10-15) on the spunding valve to know its all sealed up and not really do much carbing. My questions are: 1...
  4. Nate R

    Fermenting under pressure & tempature control

    Hello all. Still kinda new here so forgive me if starting a new thread was incorrect. I can't seem to find many threads on fermenting under pressure. I just picked up a cornical conical fermenter. By using a spunding valve i can ferment up to 35psi safely. However, my temp has been too warm...
  5. V

    Spunding Valve

    Does anyone have recommendations on a spunding valve? I bought one off amazon that worked alright but it seemed over priced ($60) and only went up to 15 PSI on the guage. I'd like to purchase an additional one but not at that price and preferrably one that can go to higher PSI on the guage. Thanks!
  6. beervoid

    Experiences with spunding valve (see photo)

    Hey everyone I bought this spunding valve and can't seem to make it work right. It is marketed as an adjustable pressure relief valve. There is a screw at the end (see photo) that I can turn outwards to relief tension from the in built spring. I use it to ferment in kegs. After adding first dry...
  7. SouthPhillyBr3w3r

    Questions Related to Recent Brew (Pressure "lager")

    I recently brewed a beer that is in the style of a Schwarzbier (no cold fermentation, german ale yeast). I will list the recipe and techniques, then I have a few questions. Batch Size 4.5 Gal Est. ABV= 4.8% 90 min Boil Grist 4 lb German Pilsner 4 lb Munich Malt 6 oz Crystal 40L 7 oz Midnight...
  8. lorne17

    Spunding Valve for Sanke Connection - How to connect?

    Hello there, I have a full size keg and I wanted to try and use it for fermenting. I have the FastFerment, and my last batch was mediocre because I had to dry hop several times. Due to that I oxidized it and it didn't come out the way it should have. So with that said, I found this...