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  1. J

    Spruce'n Up Your Brew

    Thanks to El Nino and the mild winter, Spring is just a few drinks away. With Spring comes new growth, and with new growth comes new brewing ingredients. So grab your axe, let’s add some legitimacy to that lumberjack beard you’ve been sporting and let’s make a spruce beer! Ok, so maybe the axe...
  2. F

    Brewing Wild Fruit/Spruce = Lavin 1118 question

    hello people. i have brewed everything in the past from ginger beer to wild picked flowers, always with bread yeast and never a failure. (except on time i did a tropic molasses brew that tasted like cancer) i recently bought some Lavin 1118 to step into the next level and planning to brew some...
  3. HemlockHomebrewer

    feedback on maple/spruce recipe idea

    I'm trying to come up with a recipe for a maple porter using spruce and maple sap. (We're tapping our own trees.) I've never used maple sap or spruce before -- any advice? Here's my idea for a recipe: Boil: 2 gal. maple sap 6 lbs. light malt extract 1 lbs. black patent malt 1 oz...