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  1. S

    Still a good time to plant hops in Boston?

    Hi all, I finally have a yard, and want to plant some hop rhizomes, but am worried that I missed the best time to plant them. Here in Boston our last frost was probably at least three weeks ago (although, randomly, after over a week of 70+ weather we may go down to 35 tonight). Will it still be...
  2. RushN24

    Hopscotch Blonde Ale

    Ingredients: 6lbs Super Light LME 1lb Wheat DME (55%/45%) 1lb Dextrose 1lb Carapils 1.5oz Centennial @ 60 mins 1oz Cascade @ 15 mins .5oz Cascade @ 5 mins Fermentis US-05 yeast *1 Whirlfloc tablet @ 15 mins Here's how I did it: 1.) Brought 2 qts water to 160F and added 1lb carapils...