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  1. V

    Sold MICHIGAN - Electric Spike Brewing Trio Turn Key 30gal (1/2bbl) + Two 15 Gal Conicals

    Spike Brew Trio System 30 gal (1/2bbl) with Two 15gal CF-15 conical fermenters - $8200 takes it all This has all the upgrades - double batch panel, stainless table, and wort chiller + two CF-15 fermenters with stands, bracing shelf, casters, sight glass, sampling chamber, carb stone, and temp...
  2. M

    Spike CF15 question

    I am curious if the standard bracing shelf will support the extended legs, either the short or the longer ones. I have the standard shelf and I’m wondering if I should have ordered the extended one. Just wondering anyone else’s experiences with the standard shelf and leg extensions. I also have...
  3. V

    Sold Spike CF10 - 14 Gallon Stainless Conical w/ Accessories - Excellent Condition - Texas

    I have a Spike CF10 with a bunch of accessories for sale. It's in excellent condition, I just want to go with something bigger. This equipment listed allows you to ferment and carbonate your beer in one vessel, and also clean effort free with a CIP ball (you provide the pump). You must buy at...
  4. ja_in_NJ

    Slight bend on lip of Spike CF15 lid?

    Hi Spike users, I recently purchased two CF15s and came across an odd find on the lids. There appears to be a deliberate “fold” or “bend” in the lip of the lid. I thought it may have been damaged in shipping but afterI opened the second box and found the same thing I thought that it was too...
  5. Squirrels

    CF15 5 gallon batches

    Creating this thread to record using the cf15 for 5ish gallon batches. Today I brewed a 6 gallon Rauchbier in my CF15 and it is working just fine so far. I moved the sample valve to a not so great position. I can't take any samples this way. I think for this to work better, I would recommend...
  6. A

    Black Krausen Ring

    Hello everyone!I am new to brewing and put together a kit to start my first batch of beer. I have a spike flex SS fermenter and love it. I just finished my first American Pale Ale and it smelled amazing and looked relatively clear. I did notice a black ring and some small black spots on the...
  7. K

    Spike Solo Brewery Build

    After taking a year off from brewing I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Coming from using gas in my garage I moved into a house that has an awesome indoor shop in the basement. Obviously I just had to take the leap into going electric. Finally ran the 240v and getting excited...
  8. W

    New kettle

    I’ve been home brewing extract for a few years. Took some time off and back into it again. I have a 5 gallon stainless pot that I bought with my fist kit. I am looking to upgrade to possibly a ten gallon to do full boils and eventually full grain. I was looking between Spike brewing and...
  9. Nate R

    Spike Flex+ for $300- minor blemish?

    Spike Flex+ for $300, regular $375. In their bargain cave section, so functional but maybe blemished somehow. I think shipping is included too. SOMEONE ELSE PLEASE BY THIS ASAP SO I DO NOT!!!! If it's there in the morning i am really worried i will snag it Thank you...
  10. M

    Massachusetts Spike Conical parts - Carb Stone and CIP Ball

    Carb Stone - used once - New cost = $65 Selling for $40 https://spikebrewing.com/collections/conical-accessories/products/carb-stone CIP Ball - never used New cost = $55 Selling for $35 https://spikebrewing.com/collections/conical-accessories/products/cip-ball Both Items can be picked...
  11. scottaudette

    Florida Complete Brew System Spike Brewing and E-Brew Supply Setup.

    Hello All, Today is going to be someones luck day! I am down scaling my brew system and willing to make someone a heck of a deal. I built out the system a couple of years ago as a possible pilot system. BEFORE anyone asks I am selling as COMPLETE System only, AS-IS and no shipping. BUT for...
  12. S

    Looking for E-Brew HERMS with 10-15Gal Batch size

    I'm located in Toronto but would happily drive 5-8hrs for the right buy once everything is verified. Looking to buy a nice rig and price range is flexible to reflect what I find. Big fan of Spike and Blichmann, will buy with or without the controller and I already have 1 pump. Thanks!
  13. Joshiwa300brewing

    Florida Custom Welded Spike 10GAL HERMS setup

    3 spike brewing custom welded 10 gallon kettles all have dial thermometers with whirlpool in boil kettle, sparge arm and false bottom for mash tun and HLT. 2 propane burners Silver serpent stainless wort chiller that has attached cam lock fittings and can be used for HERMS coil One March SS...
  14. H

    WTB: 20-30gallon kettles for eherms system. Near So-Cal

    I'm looking for 3 kettles with the bells and whistles. BK, HLT, MT Thanks, Jim
  15. J

    Cleaning New Spike CF10 Before 1st Use

    As i anxiously await the arrival of my new Spike CF10 (TOMORROW!) - I'm wondering about cleaning and sanitizing before my first use. In all the excitement of the conical, temp control and other bells and whistles, I neglected to get a CIP ball. I don't want to let this thing sit idle any...
  16. micraftbeer

    Building a 2V Electric System- Opinions on Boil Kettle Port Location

    I'm putting together a 2-Vessel electric system. I've used a number of different all-in-one electric systems, and I've decided 2 vessels is the way to go for me. The hanging/draining bag or malt tube just gets in the way of checking my pre-boil volume and pre-boil gravity. I don't do...
  17. B

    California For Sale: Spike Brewing 15 gallon brew kettle w/ sight glass, ball valve and therm - never used

    Selling my Spike Brewing 15 gallon brew kettle w/ sight glass, ball valve and thermometer. It's never been used due to having two kids and working too much. Purchased in 2015. Purchased for $355. Asking $250. Selling because I'm moving and trying slim down before the move. I'm in the SF...
  18. PeteSeattle

    50a PID Control Panel, 2 elements.

    Hi folks. I was hoping this would be an easy installation but apparently not from my electrician. I have no clue about anything electrical. That’s why I purchased a complete system with prebuilt box from @SpikeBrewing (really ebrewsupply). This control box ...
  19. PeteSeattle

    Brew Systems: Spike, Blichmann, Sabbco

    Hello brewers. I’m hoping to get some advice from those with a similar experience looking to upgrade one’s brew system but would love advice as to what system people chose and why. I’ve been brewing since the late 90s with my Home Depot cooler and keggles. All on a makeshift stand of plywood...
  20. B-Dub

    California Full All Grain System - 18G

    Below is the Craig's list ad link. I am asking $2000 for the whole system. At its heart is a 4 burner natural gas 2 tier brew stand. Sparge water is gravity feed and the two pumps are used for recirc, transfer and cooling. It is designed to brew a single mash or double mash brew day. Singles...