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  1. Whisky River

    Withdrawn Spike Flex Low Pressure Lid

    Looking to buy the standard lid for a Spike Flex fermenter with the built in clips and the large 4 inch TC port. Maybe someone has upgraded to the higher pressure lid with the multiple TC ports and has their old one collecting dust. Let me know. Thanks
  2. R

    Homebrew Equipment for Sale - Flex Plus

    Hi, After several upgrades in my brewery I need to make some space in my basement. That’s why I’m selling some of my homebrew gear. Pickup preferred, if you cover shipping, I’m willing to ship it as well. Pickup location in Hartford County, CT (DM for location) DM for offers. I will update...
  3. A

    Black Krausen Ring

    Hello everyone!I am new to brewing and put together a kit to start my first batch of beer. I have a spike flex SS fermenter and love it. I just finished my first American Pale Ale and it smelled amazing and looked relatively clear. I did notice a black ring and some small black spots on the...
  4. Bad Bubba

    Spike Brewing Flex fermentor

    Spike has just unveiled their Flex and Flex + conical fermentors. Spike Flex Looks like they are trying to compete with the Brew Bucket and Anvil systems. The plus model allows you to go to 15 psi so it can be a poor man's unitank. Nice price point. I was looking at the Anvil for small...