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  1. A

    For Sale Chicago Area: Selling Spike (and other) equipment

    Asking $500 OBO, Imgur link at bottom! Selling 2 Spike 15 gallon brewing kettles (1 configured as mash tun with recirculation/1 brew kettle) (old version kettles with NPT connections), 1 Fermenter’s Favorite 15 gallon cooler, 2 Dark Star propane burners, 1 Blichmann Riptide pump, 5 Spike quick...
  2. T


    *** SOLD *** SPIKE CF10 CONICAL UNITANK FERMENTER - $500 *** SOLD *** Pro quality tank designed for the homebrewer. Detachable lid for easy install and cleaning. 2” dump port avoids stuck trub dumps and yeast harvesting. Lots of accessories included. I bought all of this new two years ago and...
  3. J

    EZ BOIL DSPR320 30 degree Temperature Variation

    I am using an AUBER Cube 2E with the EZ Boil DSPR320 with four inch PT-100 temperature probe and 20 gallon Spike Solo with basket. When in boil mode, the temperature reading at full boil on the EZ boil reads 82 degrees. Any thought as to why there would be a thirty degree temperature...
  4. poptarts

    Sold Spike CF10 Fully Loaded, Charlotte NC $800

    https://charlotte.craigslist.org/for/d/charlotte-spike-conical-fermenter-cf10/7389652404.html Here is my craigslist post. I dont want to ship this thing. I can drive a bit and meet someone half way depending on distance. Spike CF10 Unitank fully loaded with tons of accessories, perfect working...
  5. ja_in_NJ

    Slight bend on lip of Spike CF15 lid?

    Hi Spike users, I recently purchased two CF15s and came across an odd find on the lids. There appears to be a deliberate “fold” or “bend” in the lip of the lid. I thought it may have been damaged in shipping but afterI opened the second box and found the same thing I thought that it was too...
  6. R

    Homebrew Equipment for Sale - Flex Plus

    Hi, After several upgrades in my brewery I need to make some space in my basement. That’s why I’m selling some of my homebrew gear. Pickup preferred, if you cover shipping, I’m willing to ship it as well. Pickup location in Hartford County, CT (DM for location) DM for offers. I will update...
  7. A

    Black Krausen Ring

    Hello everyone!I am new to brewing and put together a kit to start my first batch of beer. I have a spike flex SS fermenter and love it. I just finished my first American Pale Ale and it smelled amazing and looked relatively clear. I did notice a black ring and some small black spots on the...
  8. K

    Spike Solo Brewery Build

    After taking a year off from brewing I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Coming from using gas in my garage I moved into a house that has an awesome indoor shop in the basement. Obviously I just had to take the leap into going electric. Finally ran the 240v and getting excited...
  9. B

    Illinois Turnkey 15 Gallon Propane RIMS Blichmann Toptier Tower of Power System

    ASKING $1500 For Sale in Springfield, IL Not separating at this time, trying to sell as a turnkey system. I don’t have a truck so I can’t help deliver, but I can have it disassembled and ready to go for buyer. Can be used to make 5 or 10 gallon batches. Over $3500 invested in this at retail...
  10. Gregory T

    Temperature Control

    I am looking to get a BrewBuilt™ IceMaster Max 4 Glycol Chiller for use on my flex and flex plus using Spike temperature control coils. I am looking for feedback from any users of this? I am also deciding whether to get the quick disconnects. Also type and size of hoses required? Any feedback...
  11. R

    For Sale Spike Half-Barrel Electric System, SS Brewtech Half-Barrel Unitank, Glycol Chiller and Other Equipment, Portland Oregon

    Unfortunately, I am selling all of my equipment due to a move and no place to store it for an extended period of time. Spike half-barrel electric setup with table, 30 gal. vessels and counter flow chiller SS Brewtech glycol chiller SS Brewtech half-barrel unitank with heating and cooling Lots...
  12. A

    Spike Brewing 20 Gallon Sight Glass Kettle Giveaway!

    It's the Monday after the Super Bowl. You're probably one of two things, bitterly disappointed by the ending of a close game, or super enthused your team won. Either way, Ben Caya over at Spike Brewing has donated a 20 Gallon Sight Glass Kettle to give away here on HomeBrewTalk, so regardless...
  13. A

    Spike Brewing Conical Fermenter Giveaway!

    Spike Brewing has donated one of their 12.5 gallon conical fermenters to be given away here on HomeBrewTalk and with that we're announcing the formation of the HomeBrewTalk Spike Brewing 12.5 Gallon Conical Fermenter Giveaway! THE FERMENTER FEATURES: Made in the USA Pure food grade 304...
  14. A

    Spike Brewing Conical Fermenter Giveaway!

    Spike Brewing has donated one of their 12.5 gallon conical fermenters to be given away here on HomeBrewTalk and with that we're announcing the formation of the HomeBrewTalk Spike Brewing 12.5 Gallon Conical Fermenter Giveaway! THE FERMENTER FEATURES: Made in the USA Pure food grade 304...
  15. P

    help with original spike 1 barrel system

    I bought a 1 barrel brewing system when it first came out. Over time I have continuously run into problems trying to get it up and running. Partially b/c I'm busy doing other things and brewing with the out door burner set up I already have. I would really like to get this working now. My...
  16. highland_brewer

    Spike Nano 1BBL system at NHC

    Spoke to Ben from Spike Brewing about the soon to be released Nano 1BBL Brewhouse. Check out the details.
  17. F


    Hey all, so I just finished my second batch ever, in my spike brewing conical. Yes I decided to upgrade from buckets to a conical that quick haha. Anyways, so I did everything how I was supposed to, I forced crashed my wort so I could force carbonate. I forced carbonated for 12hrs and when I did...
  18. Wreck99

    3 vessel propane complete system (Charlotte) - $2500

    Selling my current rig so I can pay for the remaining pieces of my new build. Asking $2500 everything included. Local pickup only because shipping all of this would be a nightmare. I live about 30 minutes south of Charlotte, NC. I'm switching to electric so I won't be needing this setup in the...
  19. G

    Philadelphia Area**COMPLETE Premium All-grain Homebrew Setup (Spike, Blichmann, Ss Brewtech

    https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/hsh/d/plymouth-meeting-complete-premium-all/6802188962.html Complete brewery! Can easily make 10 gallon batches. Lightly used three times. Homebrewing setup including: 15 gallon-Custom welded Spike Brewing brew kettle with: -Adjustable thermometer -Two...
  20. S

    1bbl electric Spike Brewing NANO

    Selling off our never used Spike 1bbl nano. This system includes a 4 element Electric Brewing Supply BCS control panel set up to allow the run of two 5500 watt elements at once. This is selectable one each kettle or two in a single kettle. I am including everything in this deal; kettles...