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  1. luis.salas

    Ideas on a bottling bucket

    I’m making my own bottling bucket and I was guessing if it would be better to put a valve in the bottom of the bucket instead of a spigot and a dip tube on the lower part of it. Obviously, I’m trying to minimize losses when bottling. Does anyone has any idea or experience with this? Thanks!
  2. luis.salas

    Dip tube and sediments

    Hi, guys. I'm making my own bottling bucket with a dip tube but now I'm worried with the possibility that it will suck all the sediments into the last bottles, since it almost touches the ground of the bucket. Is this possible? Or there's a strange physical principle that will stop the...
  3. snarf7

    Adding Spigot to Fermentation Bucket

    Since a lot is made of oxidation and possible contamination in the fermenter, does it make any sense to add a spigot to the fermentation bucket so I can measure gravity without opening it up? I haven't run into any problems so far but it would make this easier. Usually what I do now is just let...
  4. F

    2 - 2.5 opaque jug with spigot and drilled stopper.

    I need a 2 - 2.5 opaque jug with spigot and drilled stopper. This is actually for a science / aquarium project, but searching online I keep ending up in the brewing forums, so that appears to be the closest kind of equipment. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I don't need an airlock. I...